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February 06 2012

Think Angel, think Israel Defense Forces? The latest IDF YouTube video uses the Angel theme tune.

That's awesome. I wasn't a huge fan of the Angel theme song, I feel like it definitely works better here.
That's disgusting.
The "music rights" issue aside, I suppose if just saw the last of it is their motto, it kind of fits but the U.S. National Guard ad blows that one away.
Eh, I find it kind of creepy myself. Music is such an evocative thing and using it to push a spin about the military, any military, is somehow...

It's an interesting choice though, since I've always interpreted the Angel theme as sounding like a kinda depressed-ever-onward-struggle thing.
Not really seeing the problem. I'm assuming they made the obedience to BMI for the rights, so what's the big deal? Recruiters gonna recruit.

Breathes, I think "depressed-ever-onward-struggle" makes it an even better choice, if somewhat on the nose.
[I was going for sarcasm up there ... why is there no emoticon for that? :0 I find it creepy too that the theme is being used for the military]
We all came to know that song in a show that, thematics aside, dealt primarily with the use of force to resolve disputes, no?
Kingof Cretins, yup that's what I meant. Regardless, of what one thinks about Middle East politics, it's a little unusual for a "pro-military" P.R. video to use such a theme. I'm assuming of course, that it was meant as a pro-IDF video - but I'm basing my assumption on the choice of visuals. If it wasn't meant to be "pro" then someone didn't make a very good video, IMO.
I think it's an IDF recruitment commercial, so not sure it gets more "pro". I was more contemplating that "depressed-ever-onward-struggle" is an idea that speaks resonantly to Jewish culture and history, so if anything that theme is all the more reason for the Jewish state to use the song in a recruitment video.
KingofCretins, I believe we are in complete agreement. But hmmm... based on your last comment, I've noticed an assumption in my own mind. (Always a good thing!) If the video is indeed an official one (I wasn't sure. They licensed the rights to the AtS theme for a military video?), I realized that I was basing some of my thoughts on what types of induced feelings I think would be attracting feelings. Attracting feelings are surely a culturally specific thing. And I have no idea what feelings would attract young Israelis. But I believe I can state with certainty, that the "depressed-ever-onward-struggle" theme would not be attractive to young U.S. citizens.

BTW, does the IDF really need an recruitment video? Isn't service there mandatory? If so, I guess this would be more of a propaganda video.
Eh, not sure how Joss Whedon (avid supporter of human rights) would feel about the IDF trying to associate his works with a propaganda video for a country that's imposing an illegal military occupation on its indigenous people. Keeping politics out of it, I just find it odd, from a humanitarian standpoint, that an entire government can get away with treating people like that.
As a Israeli citizen who served in the IDF for 6 months I am very offended by this video. Couldn't they use the Buffy theme music?

Not sure why they emphasized the soldiers preying in the video.

Anyway, BreathesStory is right. It's not about recruiting, there is no recruiting in Israel, service is mandatory for 3 years (though, like me, many find ways out of it). The Video is for PR. That's also evident in the fact that the title is in English.

I pretty much agree with bloomyself. Though I don't know why he/she said "Keeping politics out of it" when what followed was political. Perhaps it's not political in the USA where it seems that both Democrats and Republicans won't say anything against the occupation of the west bank, but in Israel it is very political.
bloomyself hit the nail on the head. Sad to see this awesome song being used for the IDF.
Wow, I didn't realize Whedonesque was such a political, website and with an anti-israel bent even. This is disappointing to read here.
No good can come of this. At every level possible.
alexreager, I'm not sure where you are getting the idea of an anti-Israeli idea from or to which comments you are referring to exactly and then ascribing to all of WHEDONesque. That's a bit...inflammatory and offensive. In my view:

1. Critisizing a government's policy/ies does not mean that one is against a country in general or it's people.

2. If I was included... I tried very hard to direct all my comments to the video only. If I failed...whoops. (And for the record, I'm not real happy with anything that seems to glorify any military. I think I have a pretty realistic view of what it means to serve after being intimately associated with the US army life for almost 8 years, including 911 and it's aftermath.)

3. I don't understand how any of the thread comments makes this a political website either. It's just life stuff. We are a multi-country group here and we live in the world and politics are just part of it. We also talk about Black Widow's butt, honor killings, cakes, fan videos, lupus...but I know you know all that already. :)
@alexreager, I think it has a lot to do with Whedon fans being more educated than other fandoms and your typical American citizen. With all the underlying themes and messages in his shows, it takes a certain type of person to appreciate his programs. NOT TO TOOT OUR OWN COLLECTIVE HORNS OR ANYTHING...
This thread is closed to give people a little time to cool off and as a reminder that we enforce civility pretty firmly around here. You may discuss political views but you may not be disrespectful toward other people while doing so. Welcome new posters!

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