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February 06 2012

Sign up for Whedonesque is open for the next 24 hours. Come and join us.
(update: welcome 800+ new members. Sign up is now closed.)

Hi guys! Just introducing myself.

Watched all of Buffy a few years ago, was obsessed with it, then watched it all 2 more times, along with all the other Whedon shows. Been reading this website every day for a long time and I'm happy to join up. Not sure if I'll comment much but happy to be here!

-Jordan (is my name)
"Not sure if I'll comment much but happy to be here!"

Off to a good start. :) Welcome!
I remember joining Whedonesque. It took longer than joining NeoGAF.
Hey guys!! I've been reading this blog pretty much daily for the past few years, and I'm super excited to finally become a member!! I look forward to contributing what I can.


Also recently joined, with the promise not to get in the way (much) ;)
Hello Jordo, hello Mark. Mark, your user name is scaring me, but, welcome to you both and all the new, able to type-in-posts members. :0
Joined, and I'm with Jordan. ;) Although, replace that Buffy obsession with Firefly...Buffy is on my watch list! (I know, I know...)
Hey guys,
Long time reader first time writer, bla, bla, bla...
Anyway, more about me, avid Whedon fan (obliviously) I study TV production at Bournemouth University in England and also do the Twitter thing (kzap333).
Ahhaa. Yeah, it's been my username that I use in halo and such to intimidate my opponents! It's great when the occasional firefly fan online recognizes it. hehe.
I fell in love with the whedonverse thanks to Firefly. Coudn't stop there, coud I? ;)

Thanks for the oportunity to join. I'm not sure either if I'll comment all that much, but I like the fact, that I'm able to now!
Hi everyone. Looonnng time Whedonesque reader, newly joined and making first post. Thanks for opening up membership for a while.

Got hooked on Whedon near end of S1 of BtVS, been a big fan of most everything Whedon, from Firelfy to Fray, ever since. Not a big comic book fan but am even looking forward to the Avengers due to Joss' involvement.

I probably won't post much but greatly appreciate having the ability to do so on those occasions when I do have something to add.
Howdy... Another noob to the group (but been online longer than I care to admit!). I'm a professional research geek (i.e. prof of communication & media studies), avid fangirl (multiple fandoms), wanna-be writer, and queen procrastinator extraordinaire.

Love to chat and comment -- it helps me continue my procrastination goals every day ;)
I'm so glad, I've wanted to sign up for years but always seemed to miss the registration period...
So yay for me now!

My name is Danielle, you can pretty much say I grew up watching Buffy. I Love everything Joss and glad that I can now comment on posts as well as read them daily!

I just joined a little while ago, so i figured i'd drop by. I watched every show except dollhouse significantly after they aired. It took me a year to watch Angel, Buffy, and Firefly and I think that may have something to do with my neurotic, obessive attitude toward all things whedon. This should be fun though, I hope.
That is pretty much the it.
OMG! I've been trying to join for YEARS! I'm a 33yo medical student, husband, and father. My wife got me started on Buffy when we started dating, about 8 years ago. Since then, have devoured Buffy, Angel, Firefly/Serenity, all commentaries, and pretty much everything else the purple one has ever written, ever. Once did a report on Buffy for a class and showed a bunch of clips, and made quite a few converts.

Woot! Thanks Whedonesque!
Been following Whedonesque for the last two years but I never had the luck of registering. So happy I was aware of the registration this time and can be a part of this community. I greet all you Whedonverse fans.
*doffs hat*
Thank you very much for the opportunity to join. I've been reading and following every post since 2007 when I first watched Firefly. The amount of times that this blog has brightened my day are too numerous for me to count. I look forward to being able to comment constructively and occasionally contribute.


I made it :D I tried singing up last time it was open, but I think I wasn't fast enough hehe

So good to be here, been reading on Whedonesque for a while, following on Facebook as well as Tumblr. I'm a big big big Joss fan, ever since I started watching Buffy 11 years ago (saw Buffy, Angel, Firefly & Serenity, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible, but I haven't been able to check out any of the comics yet :'( except The Shepard's Tale which is my baby <3)

Anyways, nice to meet you all :D

Laura from Germany
Did you guys get your secret website log-in link and decoder rings yet???

Welcome to The Black!
Finally! I've been lurking here on an almost daily basis for the last 8 years or so, but always seem to miss out on becoming a member.

I'm sure I'll have lots to say - Hopefully constructive...
I exist! I exist! I'm so excited; I've been wanting to get onto this board forever but always missed the membership windows somehow. I'm a fan since the Buffy days and used to post on the old Bronze boards, and Whedonesque has for a long time now been my sole link to all things Whedon-related.

Welcome to everybody else too. How lovely for us all to have the opportunity to post as well as lurk!

Been wanting to join forever now so thanks for the heads up!
Greetings! So glad the registration worked... Now I can finally put in my two cents!
Hello! Can't believe I'm finally writing on here - in fifth grade (when I was far too young to be watching the show) I started watching Buffy season five as it aired on the WB, and from then on I was obsessed. Like, my high school yearbook quote is from Xander Harris. Yep, I'm one of those.

So I've been a Whedon fan since essentially as long as I can remember, and I've been checking whedonesque since I was in middle school. So I'm happy to have the opportunity to be a member! - Alex
Yay new people!
Fresh meat. Nom nom nom.
Yay registration day! Hi new people! You'll probably never see me again, but I wanted to say hello anyway.
Howdy! Been looking to join here for a while, super happy to be here *dances wildly*
I've been reading for ages, but always managed to miss open registration. So yay, I'm on Whedonesque now! Shiny!
Hi! I am a fan of all things Whedon. I look forward to Cabin in the Woods and Avengers VERY much.

I was lucky enough to attend a Can't Stop The Serenity event last year in South Florida where I learned that as much Joss trivia as I know, others know more.:P
Oh my, new member sitting right here - and I find this is a very shiny thing indeed.

Thanks Whedonesque!

I'm a long time reader here and love all things Joss (even when he's breaking my heart). I don't know if I'll have a lot to say yet, time will tell. For now I just want to extend a big hello to you all.
I was lucky enough to attend a Can't Stop The Serenity event last year in South Florida where I learned that as much Joss trivia as I know, others know more.

There's always someone who knows more. The person who knows more will run into their own, eventually.
Did anyone tell them about the mandatory honorary breakfast they have to organize? And about the "reader response" form they have to sign?


Welcome, newbies! I was one once as well.
Yay! I'm in :D
I've been a Whedon fan for so long now, I don't even remember, and whedonesque was always a part of that ;)
so glad I can finally join!
Hi, I am happy to be here
Yes!! I've been dying to get in here for years, but always seemed to miss the open seasons! Whedonesque is a nearly daily check for me, and kept my hope alive in those dark times when there was essentially nothing coming out of camp Whedon (the Wonder Woman/Goner years). I've given away more copies of Firefly than I can count. I'm super happy to be here.
Hello, everybody! Generally, my internet experience is made up of lurking about 1% of the time. The other 99% of the time I'm busy throwing my hands up in the air after seeing that somebody has already posted what I was going to post and always in a more eloquent way.
Finally I am here! So nice to be on the inside for a change :)
Welcome, shiny people! I remember how excited I was when I finally got to sign up. :)
Longtime reader. Glad to join.
@Caroline - now, be nice. You'll scare them all away - except possibly ReaverKing.

Welcome everyone!
Hey all! Been a fan of Buffy for most of my life and have always loved the site. Glad to be here! :)
After years of following this fantastic site and mr. Whedon (and co.) of course, I finally joined.

Can't wait to mix in with the discussions.
Hello everyone! I was very excited to hear that registration was open; I've been lurking and hoping for a chance to join for a few months now. Can't wait to jump in and chat all things Whedon with everyone.
hey Joe here.

Another guy whos been a long time follower, just waiting for my chance to join up. Look forward to discussing all things Whedon with you all! (Cant tell you how many times in the past ive wanted to add to a conversation but been unable to voice myself!)

See you guys around! :}
Yay! New peeps! *waves*
Like a lot of others, I've been a longtime reader of this website - I check in pretty much everytime I'm on the computer. I'm a big fan of Whedon's work, especially Buffy, which happens to be my favourite television show, bar none. I still think about it daily, despite not having seen it properly in a few years. I do intend to bust out the DVDs soon and marathon the entire series.

It'll be nice to weigh in on the discussion every now and then.
Longtime reader. Glad to finally be a member and catch one of the open registration periods for this site. I love Firefly most, but also enjoyed Buffy, Angel and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. I watch DVD's/Blu-Rays of the shows at least once every year. In fact, I'm probably due for a rewatch of the entire Buffy/Angel series soon.
Hoooray! I'm in! Love the site and the discussions. Hello everybody!
Newbie here! *waves at everyone* I have been reading posts from this website for a long time so it is nice to be able to comment now if an idea pops in my head (which I'll admit is not often haha). Buffy is my favorite followed by Angel. I also adore Dr. Horrible. I am starting to get into Firefly & Dollhouse. I am ashamed it took me so long to watch them. Anyways, glad to be aboard!
You all will get the singular pleasure of being able to say Hi to Joss in print, anyway, when he pops in. He kind of likes us. I think. I'm pretty sure. Yeah.
Another long-time lurker just waiting to get the chance to join! Yeah me! Toss up between Buffy and Firefly as to my favorite, but do marathons for both of them so it's all good!
Hi, new people!
Members will also get a discount on the WHEDONesque 10th Anniversary t-shirt. (There is going to be a t-shirt isn't there? hint, hint)
Howdy friends! Travis, here.
I've been a lurker for literally 3 years now. Feels awesome to finally have an account.
Hahaha, awesome suggestion BreathesStory! (money for the site, cup o'tea, money for the site) I would proudly wear that to Comic-Con this year and represent.
Yet another long-time reader. I had been on a bit of a Whedon-hiatus for a few years. I finally watched Firefly this year, got hooked. I am hoping to attend the Whedon Studies conference which will be here in my backyard here in Vancouver, B.C. this coming July (and was oh so very close to proposing a paper on Dollhouse and the anxiety of urban anonymity). Love this community! :)
Yay, I'm finally here. Hello Whedonesque!
Members will also get a discount on the WHEDONesque 10th Anniversary t-shirt. (There is going to be a t-shirt isn't there? hint, hint)

Note to self, go design 10th Anniversary t-shirt.
Welcome everyone, glad to have some new members :)
*stands up* Hi, I'm Mike & I'm a Whedonesque newb.

Like about 90% of the folks who've posted before me, I've been lurking her for a while. Finally I can trade the frustration of wanting to post something but being unable to do so with the frustration of logging in to post something only to find someone else said it first.

But still, with the yay.
The amount of bliss soaring through my being now is immeasurable.

Also, I'm pretty stoked. As others have said, long time reader, even longer time Joss fanatic, so super excited to be here. :)
May this fandom never die. Saw The Man at the Sydney Opera House last year, this 53 year old dad with 20 year old daughter in tow and I'm the one choking up as he comes on stage. Probably one of the few lawyers with a "life size" puppet angel in his office. Cheers to all!
Hi hi hi. Another noob for the fire. Glad to be a member here at last. Creds? OMWF turned my mind to cream corn. Big fan of Angel and Serenity and Joss' Astonishing X-Men run and Dr. Horrible. Looking forward to May 4. 'Nuff said!
It seems everyone is doing the dance of joy.
Oh finally I've made it! I love Joss and have been reading this blog for a long time, so thanks for such an awesome Monday. Can't wait to start commenting all week long! ^^
Joining the roar of the crowd, glad to be here,
Ah, welcome to all the newcomers. It's a good time to be joining Whedonesque, what with all the Whedony goodness coming our way this year. Now you'll be able to join in the discussions as the movies are released. I know I'm looking forward to it.
I'm yet another fan who has been visiting for years and I'm also very glad to finally be a member. Thank you for the site and for letting me in.

I'll make french toast casserole for the mandatory honorary breakfast. ;)
Hi :). Apparently I'm the 1,000th longtime follower. Been visiting here weekly at least before the era of Serenity screenings so thought I should take this opportunity. I'm a huge comic and movie fan, always go to SDCC and love all things Whedon-y. Can't wait for Avengers XD. And Cabin. And Much Ado.
Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to be able to post here, triple yeah!!! My first intro to Joss Whedon was Buffy, which I didn't start watching until 2005, but I was HOOKED before the opening credits in "Welcome to the Hellmouth" finished. After Buffy I went to Angel and Firefly then Dr Horrible and Dollhouse.

So glad to be a member :)
Oh look I'm one of the cool kids now! Hi everyone.
I just joined! I am a huge Joss Whedon fan!
I think I've been lurking around here at least 2 times a day, since 2004!! lol I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan. My favourite series of all time is Angel but I'm a fan of all of his work, even the musicals! ;-) Doing the dance of joy =) Without the make up. A great start to a promising 2012 Whedon experience =)
Hello. Please cuddle me.
So happy to finally be a part of the best community in the 'verse!
I forgot what it used to be like before I registered when I was unable to chime in when I felt like it. Pretty sure I abused that newfound power at first, before settling into my natural lurkerness once more.

Anyway, congrats on registering, all!
Wow! I love this site and just happened to stroll in today, on my day off and viola, made me not doing much else all the better ;) haha.
Hey it finally worked! Tried joining last time but there was some tech issue.

I'm Dennis from Germany and pretty much love all things Whedon (obviously) :)
I've been wanting to join for a while now. Im super excited to start commenting!
You guys, I am so excited! Literally been waiting for almost a decade at this point. So happy to finally make it in! Yay!
I had no idea it was so tough to register here. Yay for fresh meat!
Oh thank goodness! I have checked back often over the last few years hoping to catch an opening in the membership. I'm excited to be part of the group. Thank you!
Hello all! Thank you for welcoming us newbies. I'll actually be participating now, instead of hiding behind my google reader!
I'll be glad to meet you and discuss all things Whedon.
PS: I'm an Acadian (francophone) from Canada, so my syntax/grammar may be off sometimes.
Have a good day!
I made it! *happy dance*

"I am a leaf on the..." Actually, maybe that's not the best thing to say, right now. I'll just stick with: yay!
Yay! Whedon fan since Buffy first aired and have been visiting this site for years. So glad to be a member, finally!
Dravin said,

on my day off and viola

I think there should be an edict that from now on voila is right out, and viola take its place. Because it sounds really cool. Yes, there be big teasers in these parts. No, no, I really do like it better, though.
Yay indeed! Thanks for the opportunity to finally join the most awesome community on the interwebz, looking forward to spending even more time here :-).
Hey everyone! Like many who have commented before me, I've been delightedly reading Whedonesque for years, and am currently squeeing at the chance to join your noble ranks! In addition to being a huge fan, I'm also a Whedon scholar -- you may remember my essay on Angel and Brave New World, or the CFP for the book I'm working on (a collection of essays on race and ethnicity in Whedon's works) that the admins kindly posted on here. So glad that this community exists, so happy to get to be a part of it! Thank you, Whedonesque!

(and now, to have the most fun pressing a "post" button that I have ever had!!)
Hi all --

new member, lifelong fan of Buffy/Angel. Almost literally! Began watching Buffy when I was in 2nd grade (the Buffy film was one of those movies I barely remembered as a kid but DO remember loving)

Anyhow, I followed Joss to Angel, and Dollhouse. Never got into Firefly, although I did purchase the Serenity DVD as a blind buy. I enjoyed it, but not enough to get into the series. Had it lasted beyond 14 episodes I may have gone back and caught up, but I didn't see the point knowing it was already cancelled. An artists' work cut short is annoying to me.

I've been surfing whedonesque daily for the past two years or so, so I'm glad to finally have the chance to register! Looking forward to posting and interacting!
Yay! Have been visiting this site and wanting to sign up for years. Great to be here to contribute to discussions of all things Whedon. :)
Hello! This site has been a staple for years now and it's pretty nifty to be able to post. Whee!!!!
Hey guys!

Thought that I'd better use my first post here at Whedonesque to introduce myself! Like a lot of the other new members (pretty much all of them, it seems...) I've been lurking here for a long time, somehow always managing to miss when the registration was open! Seems like I got lucky this time!

Looking forward to finally being able to join in with all the discussions!
I am so happy right now! I have been going here for years and never had the opportunity. I am 29 years old, I have a husband and two wonderful children, and I have been a Buffy fan since the airing of Angel. The episode not the spin off. From then on I watched every thing Whedon had to give me and I am always hungry for more. Oh and hello everybody :D
{{{cuddles}}} for Gossi.

(I've been reading your posts for what seems like at least six years, so it seems only fair.)

And hello again to everybody! Still overexcited to be here, despite the apparent nom-nom danger... and aside from being overexcited I really have nothing much to say, so back to civilized lurking now.
Hi everyone! I am so glad I finally get to join this wonderful blog! I read this everyday and now I get to contribute :) There's only one word to describe this: Shiny.
Picture Xander doing the Snoopy dance. That's how I feel!

I'm only a tiny bit disappointed that I couldn't be Weetabix ... Somebody else grabbed it first.

(Probably Spike.)
Hi, my name is Mike. I have been a fan for years & am glad to be here.
Hello! I'm overjoyed to finally be a part of whedonesque. I'm forever indebted to this site for linking to my 'seven business days of whedon' in the summer of 2010. Thank you!
Hi, I'm Emily and I have been checking the site daily for about three years. I'm so happy that I'm finally a part of this community instead of just an observer.
Finally! I'm glad to finally be a part of this community :) My name's Hannah and after being introduced to Buffy in 2008, I quickly became a fan of everything whedon. I started becoming involved in cons and other online communities, basically it has changed my life in an important, albeit smallish way.
I look forward to posting regularly!
Stay shiny!
Hi my name is Anne, I have also been a lurker for quite so time now as I rewatched Buffy 3 years ago and completely fell in love with it all over again. I had to rewatch the first season as soon as the 7th ended and I still watch episode regularly. I'm almost ashamed to admit this but I just recently finished all of Angel as before I refused to see it because I did not like how Buffy was depicted in the episodes that I saw (IWRY and Sanctuary). Boy did I miss out! Now I plan to rewrite all wrongs and watch Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr Horrrible sing along blog...thank you for offering a very well structured blog for us fans to learn and interact!
I'm Chris, and I've been checking this site for a few months. I've seen every episode of the Whedonverse (plus Serenity and Dr. Horrible), and I've read some of the canon comics (all of Buffy S8, Angel: ATF, the weird Angel IDW series, and Serenity: Those Left Behind). I'm also rewatching Buffy with the folks over at Mark Watches.

Also, I'm totally counting down the days to the one-two punch of Cabin and Avengers. Hopefully Joss finally gets some mainstream success!
Hello cuties! Welcome. :)
Yay, welcome new peeps! Been having a blast reading all your new usernames (which put my boring TLA to shame). Glad to see this outpouring of joy here today.

And as an added bonus, all these new members will be sure to make that first avengers thread even MORE huge than it was already going to be. Heck, we might even beat those old Dr. Horrible records now ;).

Anyway: welcome, all and have a great time on the black :)
At last!

Hello hello, I've been visiting this site for I don't even know how many years now but I'm superbly glad it finally opened up to new members.

Fun anecdote: when I was 15 I had the realization that I'd been watching Buffy for half my life.
Long-time "Buffy" fan who is so thankfully to be able to register now! See everyone in the threads!
already a member!
Another new member here! Love Joss Whedon!
Buffy fan here! *waves*
This is nice. Being an official member on WHEDONesque kind of feels like being part of something elite. Like many have stated before me, I always wanted to join, and now - many years after first coming across this place - it has finally happened. I am afraid, though, my online-community days lie a little bit in the past and the need to express myself and participate in lengthy in-dept discussions about the 'verse - or other things for that matter (something which I used to do on a daily basis a couple of years back) - have long faded away. But who knows, maybe I'll find a topic or two to sink my teeth into. In the meanwhile I should be able to contribute a comment here or there - even though I would describe myself as something more of a silent reader.

In any way, greetings from Germany.

P.S.: I could probably include some stats:

Buffy: Started watching during the first run on german television back in 1998/99. Became truly aware of the show when I bought some magazine I took as some kind of tv programming guide at first. It pictured Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover and turned out to be a genre magazine for tv shows featuring - among other things - a lengthy review of both the "Surprise"/"Innocence" two-parter as well as "Passion". EXTREME spoiler alert, but I state this as the moment I became a "Serienjunkie" as some of us germans tend to call it. ... Among other things this magazine included ad-pages from a shop where you could order a variety of genre-related items like videotapes (as well as DVDs at a later time), figures, posters and so on. When Buffy took an extended break on german television, I happened to buy original UK video cassettes of season 5 and 6 for an *obscene* amount of money. But it was totally worth it, for it not only was I able to watch these episodes before they ever aired in my country, but it was the first time I could view the show in its original language, too. My fondness for original sound compared to dubbing (there is a LOT of that going on in Germany) started right then and there. ... Season 7 however aired relatively shortly after it debuted in the US, so I watched that one with german dubbing again (the tapes were not out yet and I wasn't going to wait) - if only for one time only, after which I waited for the DVDs.

Angel: I started the spinoff, too, on german television, until airing suddenly stopped right between "Sleep Tight" and "Forgiving" (I am not kidding here!). Thankfully, after a while the DVDs came out, so I was able to watch the rest of the season - in it's original language, that is. Seasons 4 and 5 I caught on the internet before buying the DVDs once they were available. It was around season 3/4 when Angel surpassed Buffy as my "currently favourite show of all time".

Firefly: I bought the DVDs and did not watch them for a decent amount of time, for I was not sure, if I was going to like the show (I neither liked sciencefiction nor western back then). However, once I watched, I watched all of it. In one big rush. ... Now I have never taken drugs in my life, but I strongly suppose I got high that night. - As a matter of fact, I still am. Easily my favourite show of all time, even though it shares this spot with The A-Team (huge childhood favourite, made a comeback in recent years).

Dollhouse: I have seen season 1 a couple of times on DVD (I'm not sure if it ever aired on german television - not that I would follow that kind of thing much these days as long as you cannot choose your dubbing - which you can only on pay tv), but have yet to watch season 2. This, however, is not due to a lack of interest, but due to new grown interest in taking my time.*

Comic books: *For example I have yet to read Angel Season 6 as well as the current Buffy Season 9 series. I *did* read "Buffy 8" however, though it was not very much to my liking. I prefer Joss Whedons solo-writing like Fray and Astonishing X-Men much over the stuff he does together with other authors - like the before-mentioned Buffy- or the Firefly comics (though I have not read all of them).

Books: Growing up I enjoyed the Buffy-related works of Golden and Holder. Though it has been a while since I read either of them.

Movies: Toy Story was my favourite movie long before I knew who Joss Whedon - or what Buffy the Vampire Slayer was. Nowadays, the little BIG DAMN movie that should not have been shares these honours with the sequel to Jurassic Park.

Episodes: I simply *have* to do that one... "Restless" (tough one, could have easily gone another way) - "A Hole in the World" (written in stone) - "Objects in Space" (with like a total amount of zero doubt about it) - "Man on the Street" (pretty sure).

Dr. Horrible: Watched the first act online, then the rest on DVD. How can you *not* love it?

I am pretty sure I forgot something, I should not have forgotten, but for someone, who stated in his opening paragraph that he is beyond the desire to express himself, this ought to be enough for a start...
mare- I am looking forward to that book!
I lurked here for my Joss news. Was introduced to him via Dr. Horrible and then started to watch Firefly. I haven't finished the series yet...I haven't finished a series with only 14 episodes...I'm bad at finishing series...

So, I'm Flareth, and I'm looking forward to more Jossness
Hi, also new here. Dutch, 24, and still Buffy-obsessed. Not the comics though, the tv-series. Ehm, what else? Nothing much, still figuring the site out. Been snooping around here a lot but it's way better when you can post.
After being lurking in the shadows for years, I can finally see the light. Hello sunshine and all who dwell in it!
Another happy ex-lurker and long-time fan doing her dance of joy here! Dear Whedonesque, you totally made my day.

And here I was thinking there might be more than enough Whedon-y goodness coming this year already...

Daniela from the Czech Republic
I've been trying to join for five years! I've finally made it!
Great to see so many new people, welcome all!

ETA: @Ryn, 5 years! Brilliant to finally have you on board after all those years then.

Only 25 new members to go and we'll have made the magical 10.000 member barrier.

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I just signed up too, I've been lurking for a while so glad I finally can. Hi all, I'm Rose :) Starting watching Buffy after it was finished in 2007, I'm a fan of Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible, not so much with Firefly.
Hello, I've just joined! Been a lurker here for at least two years, so happy I'm finally able to join here and be apart of this great community. I've drifted away from online forums/boards over the past few years, but since Whedon stuff is such a passion of mine (and TV in general), this should be quite fun and a new place to discuss all-things Whedon!

Some quick stats:

-Got into Buffy during season 5 on TV, been a fan ever since. My favourite Whedon series.

-Watched Angel on DVD a few years after Buffy ended. Definitely underrated in terms of where most people rank it compared to the others, essentially love it as much as Buffy.

-Saw Serenity in theaters (twice), then rushed to buy Firefly. Number 1 show I wish lasted longer.

-Was there from beginning to end for Dollhouse. From the minute the news broke that Joss and Eliza were doing a series, to the cancellation. A great interesting series, but hard to say I like it as much as Buffy/Angel/Firefly, but season 2 definitely made me lover it more than I originally did.

-Watched Dr. Horrible as it was released. Great, fun stuff!

-Buffy Season 8 got my into comics (and other Whedon-related comics), and am currently reading Buffy Season 9

Thanks to opening up registration to let some great new people in!

-Alex from Canada
As so many above have already said, it is an honor to join your ranks.

I have been a lurker for close to 2 years, but I would only rarely check the Membership link. (Imagine my frustration when the signup had problems all last July)

I have been a Whedon fan since I discovered Buffy back in 2001 and have since purchased just about everything he has put out on DVD except Dr. Horrible. A horrible oversight to my collection.

Thank you for posting links to the most interesting articles and general surfing that I see on the internet, and for being one of the nicest communities that people actually want to join.
Hey everyone! I'm also one of those, have-been-reading-for-years-and-waiting-for-membership-to-open people. I'm so excited to be here!

Thank you, people of Whedonesque, for all you do to keep us all informed of Whedonverse happenings, and for doing it so well. I've always appreciated the quality of the stories here, and am looking forward to being a more active part of this community.

See y'all around!
Hello friendlies, been a fan since Buffy first came on tv and I'm glad to have finally joined the site (this has been my most visited since, ya know, ever).

I'm a comic book nerd so hopefully I'll get my feet a little more wet tomorrow :)
Oooh...newbies! Yes! I'm no longer a Probie!

Who was the 10,000th member? Do they get a prize?
Hi everyone! I've been a Whedon fan for 8 years now and I'm so happy to be able to join this site! I love Buffy, Angel,and Dr. Horrible. I've read many of the comics and I own the dvd series to Buffy, Angel, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. My name is Laura, I'm 35yrs old and have gotten my husband of 8 years hooked also. I can't wait for Avengers, Cabin in the Woods and Much Ado about Nothing this year. Its going to be ...wait for it ...Legendarrrry!
Oh hey, look at all the newbies!


Welcome! :)
Only 25 new members to go and we'll have made the magical 10.000 member barrier.

Who was the 10,000th member? Do they get a prize?

The 10,000 member signed up almost 2 years ago! I've always wondered about that members counter. It seems to be off a bit, or maybe it takes into account closed/banned users? Would also be interested in knowing how many are actively still coming to the site and how many are simply abandoned accounts.

Anyway, welcome to all the newbies! Bunch a new names to learn.
Wow. 800+ new members.

We delete obvious spam accounts, etc, and that causes the discrepancy.

Sign up is now closed. We'll do this again once the new lot settles in :-)
800+ in one day? Yikes. It's going to be a busy few days, one assumes :).
Wanted to poke my head in and introduce myself, even though I joined Whedonesque a few months back. Let's start with, "Hi, I'm Pey, and I'm so glad to know I'm not the only obsessive lurker who's been hanging around since 2003." Obsessing alone is so unhealthy.

Been a diehard Buffy fan from the very start. Willow's my gal, unusual fashion choices and all. I owned that schoolgirl/bookworm outfit she wore in Welcome to the Hellmouth, and loved wearing it until Cordy so kindly pointed out that anything was wrong with it. :p For some time, I couldn't watch Nathan Fillion in his many roles because creepy Caleb kept swimming before my eyes. I've enjoyed Joss' various ventures, but, for me, all roads lead back to Buffy.

Thrilled to be a part of this community. Look forward to contributing.
Like Mistress of Peyn, I joined before this period of registration, but there wasn't a post about it then (at least I don't remember seeing one)...

Anyway, I had been lurking like many for a long time, wishing desperately to be able to comment on the episode reviews of Dollhouse. I can't remember how long, I think somewhere between 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 years? (I do know for certain I was here for at least a couple months before the announcement of Dollhouse, which I think was in fall of 07?). I knew registration was tough to come by, so I'd very occasionally check the registration page to see if it was open, and I somehow managed to hit the jackpot by checking it on the last day of the period it was open in July, and managed to avoid the tech difficulties... Like many I was beyond thrilled, I didn't know how much I would say anything, but just knowing that I finally could was such an honor!!

Anyway, my Joss history - I loved him before I knew him via the Buffy movie and Toy Story. I was pretty young when I saw Buffy in theaters (wow, 7), so I loved it for it's silliness to a point that when the series started, I refused to watch it because I was worried that it would ruin my childhood memory. Little did I know it was by the same guy that made the movie *AND* that the movie was way off from his original idea. My mom watched it and sometime during season 2 (I wish I had a better memory of when) finally made me start watching it, and boy did that take me into a rabbit hole of greatness.

Buffy has and will be forever my favorite series. I kind of assume that Firefly would have been my favorite if it could have lasted like it was supposed to. From partway through season 2 of Buffy on through all shows, I've seen everything as it was on (basically), with the sad horrible exception of when a vcr didn't record A Hole in the World (of all episodes...). Went into the next episode knowing we had missed one but not knowing what happened to Fred, and in those days all you could do was wait for the dvd's... As for comics I'm almost done reading S8 of Buffy, and I've read Those Left Behind, Better Days, and Shepard's Tale (recently acquired a shiny new copy of Better Days that includes Float Out and a few others, and I can't wait to finally read those as well).

Anyway, thanks for a wonderful site where we can gather! And thanks for letting me ramble a bit...
So can I just wander in and whinge ironically about the good 'ole days when I joined years after Serenity was made and make some random crack about standards? You know, back when yadda, yadda, yadda and stuff?


Welcome to the black then. All 800 of you can expect personal e-mails of welcome from me just as soon as I can hire a secretary. And hack the system. 'Eh, too much effort. Let's stick with welcome to the black.
Great to have lots of new people here. I don't think Joss has anything at all coming out this year so we need to keep his spirits up.

What? He's made an Avengers movie? No one tells me anything...
I think most of us have been in the position of hanging on to the windowsill and looking in through the glass at the party but not being able to join in. Waiting for that odd Bank Holiday open membership is tough! Actually, I think I got in during Christmas 4 or 5 years ago, maybe longer. I have some hazy memory.

This seems like a good opportunity to say when I moved into this apartment last June, I discovered there is a Fillion living here. No idea if there is any relation to you know who, but it really tickled me and I had no place to unload that particular piece of info. until now. Well, if he visits I guess I'll know.

ETA: I checked and it was July 4. Apparently I'm ready for the old folks' home now.

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Do his pants appear to be particularly tight, Tonya J? Just sayin', might be a clue!
Ha! It's an older couple and I see her boxes sitting on top of the mailboxes all the time. I haven't actually checked out their pants (I barely seem them around).
Hehe, I'm just imagining the scene where you are explaining to the old guy's wife exactly why it is that you've suddenly started checking out her husband's pants! Not sure starting with 'Have you ever seen Firefly?' is gonna cut it!
Wow! Lots of new members joined. Welcome guys and gals!

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