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January 27 2004

Fox orders pilot from former Buffy exec producer Marti Noxon. The pilot for Point Pleasant is described as Peyton Place meets The Omen.

I have no idea what Peyton Place is but I'm sure some of you guys can tell me what it is about :).

What happened to Still Life?
Peyton Place was way before my time, but from what I've read and heard it was a huge soap opera that ran during the evenings as opposed to daytime. It was a movie back in the late 50s too.

Supposed to center around a town where there was craploads of drama.

Makes that combination awfully strange with The Omen.
Ah, Dr Rossi... hero of all 60's women. I'm old enough to have watched Peyton Place even if I was a bit young for it. I remember enjoying it quite a bit.

Mia Farrow was in it (round about the time she went off with Frank Sinatra) and Ryan O'Neill.
I was wondering the same thing ringworm but I checked in the archives and the last thing posted about was that Fox were still going to show it mid season but no word of an airdate.

And thanks for that BlindHawkeyes, the combination does sound intriguing. Kinda of an American Gothic/Twin Peaks vibe to it.
It sounds fascinating. I'll definitely be watching for this one.
"...centers on a quiet beachside community that is turned upside down when a mysterious girl washes ashore."

As opposed to Twin Peaks, a quiet logging community that is turned upside down when the homecoming queen (who turns out to be a much more mysterious girl than anyone ever imagined) washes ashore. :)

Hey, I'm not knocking it - I loved Twin Peaks, I loved Buffy - I'm hoping I'll love Point Pleasant!!
Marti is only the showrunner of Still Life, not the creator. She was essentially drafted in to run and help set it up, because the creator Kip Koenig has little experience of running a show (similar to Greenwalt in season 1 of Buffy, or Miracles, or Jake). The emphasis here is with the help set it up bit, the show is midseason, and whilst some notable mid seasons shows have become hits, mainly they are just cancelled, I'd guess the plan was only for Marti to stay for the first season regardless, that was Greenwalts plan a Buffy (he did infact leave briefly between s1 and 2, for a stint at the X-Files)

Good Look Marti
"Still Life" may not ever air. It is still just a potential midseason replacement. It finished filming its six episodes a months ago; Marti is long done with that. I'd say there's about a 40% chance that FOX decides to air the series, and about a 3% chance that, if it is sucessful, it will have a second season.
and if Joss could do three series at once... why could Marti not do two?

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