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February 06 2012

(SPOILER) Details about Issues 8-10 of Buffy Season 9. In addition to the title of the 3-issue arc, the link also contains images of some of the covers. Courtesy of Buffyfest.

Interesting that Scott Allie is co-writing it.
I'll miss Jeanty, but Richards is cool. I am also curious about Allie co-writing. Is Chambliss super busy right now with TV?
I thought Scott Allie did a pretty decent job co-writing on the final arc of Season 8, so no complaints, but I'd still like to know what's up and why Andrew Chambliss needs a co-writer.
That third cover is a reference to Ringer, right?
Andrew is working on "Once Upon a Time" as well. Probably other stuff too. Busy guy.
My very first post =) I'm curious as to why Scott is co-writing... I think Chambliss is doing a fantastic job. Although I can't wait for Whedon to come back!!
My first post!!! :D :D :D

I wonder if there is a personal reason Scott is co-writing?

I keep reading the title as "a part of me"... are they referencing the arm... or the baby? 'Cause with the amputation on sight it sounds hilariously wrong, but it seems so beautiful for baby Summers' arc.
I am also quite curious about Allie's participation. I too thought that Chambliss might be busy.

But then I wasn't so sure. I follow and enjoy Once Upon A Time. The show has a pretty experienced and talented writing team that he's only part of. Check out the writers (click on writers) .

It does list him as coproducer for 10 episodes. I imagine that's significant work, but I am not sure it's enough to say that he is too busy to attend to his Buffy responsibilities.

My guess is that it's less about Chambliss being busy then Allie just lending his expertise. Buffy is going to be handling some pretty tough emotional situations that Chambliss would be writing without the long term experience and exposure to Whedon and the 'verse that Allie has.

I should rather say I hope that Allie is needed because I really want these comics to truly address the consequences of the situations that Buffy is facing in greater depth. I am hoping this is a good sign.
@Uete I think it could have a double meaning. Or even a triple meaning.
It seems that the arm is somehow a mislead, since it is gone in issue 9, but then you see two 2-armed Buffy's in issue 10.
Multiple meanings, surely. Her arm, her child, and since it seems to be rendered "Apart (of me)", probably "apart" taken on its own, referring to some distance she is continuing to have from her friends and family.
We've seen Buffy as a barista before, but not as the Queen...
I don't mind Scott Allie co-writing, nor do I mind Cliff Richards on pencils. So I'm okay with this, but still curious as to why. Guess Andrew and Georges just need a break.
I like the way Buffy is reflected. Issue 10 probably has her dealing with what it means to be taking on the role of a parent. Her barista self is looking at what she could be if she gave up slaying and focused on motherhood (albeit in an exaggerated fashion.) Joyce was always refined but she never quite looked like upper crust Buffy.
The arcs seem to be more relaxed this season than last. Season 8 often stuck with a 4-issue arc followed by a single stand-alone, then another arc of 4. For the first half this was often the structure, anyway. And then after the series of stand-alones, they tried out the 5-issue arc.

Now we have a 4-issue opening arc, a stand-alone, a 2-issue arc, followed by a 3-issue arc. As Season 8 never had arcs with 2 and 3 issues, I'm interested to see how these come out.
Also my first post...

But, to me, Cliff Richards remains the definitive Buffy artist, so I'm always glad to see him on board.
To be honest, I'm still not sure where I stand regarding the potential arm loss plot, if that's what it really is! Part of me is okay with any new direction, as long as it furthers the story and is interesting enough to follow! On the other hand (or not, as the case may be...) I really don't want to read about a one-armed slayer, or even a slayer with some sort of Andrew designed cybernetic arm!

The various robot and advanced technology plots that happened while BtVS was on television were often the weakest episodes, for me anyway, and whilst I get that we are dealing with a world without magic now, that shouldn't make BtVS a science fiction series all of a sudden! So if the cover to the next issue is an indication that Buffy's lost arm is either misdirection or imagination, I won't be disappointed!
I hope no one minds this little geekgasm, but after years and years of coming to this site for all my Whedonverse news, I'm finally a member!!

::euphoria subsiding::

I really like Cliff Richards' art, but Georges will definitely be missed. Also, am I the only one who would love to see Rebekah Isaacs pencil an issue of Buffy? She's doing a beautiful job on Angel & Faith!
I totally agree! I am really really hoping that somehow, someway, I get to see Rebekah's version of Spike! I've got my squee all ready.
Finally, after years of first Whedonesque post!!! This I would be stoked to see Beks do a Buffy issue, she is the bomb!
In frefall the slayer gets interrupted and a part of me goes on your own.

Looks like a story
I guess this is a good First Post... I'm over Buffy season 9. It took a weird turn in the middle of season 8. Now being prego and armless... i have all but given up on this season.
@Xane, I'm going to Mega-Con and I'm going to pay to get a sketch done by Rebekah... And guess who I'm going to ask her to draw? :D Spike!

I even tweeted her about it:

@lisatwingomez: @rebekahisaacs on your commissions at Mega-Con, can you draw any character? Like... Spike, for instance? :D

@rebekahisaacs: @lisatwingomez Sure! For characters I haven't drawn in the comics, I just look up reference on my phone. Anybody is fair game!

:) :) :)
Awesome! Is it too early to ask you to post a link to a scan?? :)
Haha yep. Mega-Con is Feb. 17-19. I'll get the sketch on the 17th :) hopefully scan it that day or that weekend.

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