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"What else would I wanna pump you for?"
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February 06 2012

Firefly cake with crew cupcakes and light-up Serenity. Not much more to say than that, really.

Someone let me know if my search fu failed. I know we've done Firefly cakes before but I didn't turn up this one.

Cake + Whedon + firefly = happy.

On a side note, I'm so happy to be able to post here, I could almost pee myself. I will restrain that, but there you go. *waves arms around wildly in celebration*.
Those are terrific! I especially love Jayne's hat :)!
I love them! So cute and yummy looking.

(The segregation by sex is a bit odd, since it happens in the other TV cakes too.)
Haven't seen this particular one before. I think I still prefer the cute little fondant crew figurines from the last cupcakes posted here, but the ship on this one is fantastic!
Very nice! Detail on the ship is great!
Hrm, segregation seems like a sort of strong word choice there but yeah, it seems more or less random. Even if it was an active decision to keep the female characters clustered together? Granted in hindsight I thought that was Simon and River towards the front but it's actually probably Mal and Kaylee.

With the other shows it seems like they mostly have one token female character anyway.

Fairly diverse selection though, to have Jesus, brains, and belly dancer torsos more or less all in a row.
Some people are just too talented, those are awesome!

And when you're finished eating and there's half a cake left, what do you use to put everything in the fridge?....wait for it...

Malcolm Reynolds wrap. my apologies
Does anyone know when Much Ado Bout Nothing will be released?
That was my first question when I saw the Firefly cake, too. ;)
Hehe, yeah! It's surprising how many times cakes have made me ask somewhat related movie questions! ;)

Amazing detail! If someone had made it for me I would be seriously torn about cutting into it! And I REALLY like cake!
Orange, you can tell River is at the 9 o'clock position because of her hair.
That is just the coolest.
Now I want to make those cupcakes and cake. How hard can it be? I made a sherman tank cake in November.
(I may be delusional as to the actual difficulty of this most impressive edible work)
I also really like the Dia de los Muertos one. Excellent work!

...if the lighting is edible, I'll be even more impressed.

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Nice work & it had to light up. Makes it 'Shiny'also Love the detail of Jane wearing his hat!
like i said the cast are too tasty now they're eatible always knew it!
but i would want to proserve it

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