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February 06 2012

Empire Online's "The Sexiest Characters In Cinema - The Men". Capt. Mal makes the top 25. Personally I think the Capt. should have been closer to #1.

Go to the site and vote him higher if you like.

Any list of this nature that features Edward Cullen but lacks both Fitzwilliam Darcy and John Thornton is an utter travesty.
Edward Cullen appearing on virtually any list one might care to construct is probably a travesty, but on the upside, he got beaten by Gollum. And kudos to Harrison Ford and RDJ for having two characters on the list. Whilst I'd have loved Mal to have gotten a higher position, it's still cool that he got on there at all.

And I remember thinking - as a heterosexual male - when I first watched LOTR, that Aragorn was indeed a very sexy man.

Also, I'm loathe to make a serious point (in the context of these more light-hearted ones), but the lack of racial/ethnic diversity on that list is just sad.
Already voted for Mal to be higher on the list, and I didn't even look beyond his character yet. He definitely deserves better than last place!
Oh and @EffulGentleman; I could not agree with you more about the lack of diversity shown (now that I've seen the list). Tis very sad indeed...
Had a quick look at the page linked to but there's no way I'm clicking through a list made purely for individual page hits! I don't mind going through three or four pages but these 'new page for every number' deals are just taking the piss! Especially when what you are looking at is half way down the page and you have to scroll down each time to get there! I haven't got the patience or the spare time! Although apparently I do have the time to complain about it...

Just going off the names already offered up above though, Edward Cullen? Really? I mean, like EffulGentleman, I'm a straight guy who is still able to compliment another bloke in the looks department! I can admit to myself that my girlfriend actually has a point when it comes to her obsession with most of the male cast of The Vampire Diaries! That's fine! But I'm sorry, Edward Cullen is neither attractive nor sexy! Average looking and dull maybe, but he's no Damon Salvatore!

Not having looked through the list I can't comment on the racial diversity or lack of same, but at the end of the day if this was just a list voted for by the public then it's only a representation of the tastes of the people who voted, so I don't see it as a major issue!
Diversity is sadly lacking but is it a result of the voters or the organizers?

I say kudos on bringing up Thornton and Darcy. I'll add Atticus Finch. I thought he was so uber hot.
I'd have to be more aware of the mechanics behind how the results for this poll were generated to answer that question fairly, hann23!

If the voting options were limited to a set list offered by Empire then yes, the lack of diversity is quite surprising! If it was simply a matter of voting for anybody you like then all that I would really take from the results is that the majority of people who bothered to cast a vote prefer a certain type of man, which is purely a case of personal taste and therefore, in my opinion, not a problem at all!
come on now, captain tight pants hasn't been campaining so no wonder hes so low, if were spike or angelus they would of munched on the people who didn't vote high enough.
Regardless of the issues, I had to vote for Chris Hemsworth too.

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