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February 07 2012

Sonic Youth frontman Moore names new band after Eliza Dushku. A little tongue-in-cheek but you never know!

Does anyone not have a crush on Eliza?

WOW, what a nice compliment! Really, who in the world wouldn't want to be so hot that a music legend names a band after them? Even if it was in jest....
"Does anyone not have a crush on Eliza?"

I know I do! In fact Eliza is probably my number one crush out of the entire Whedonverse cast! And when you consider the serious competition she has, that really is saying something!
So I totally Googled "Sonic Youth Buffy" and it turns out both Moore and Kim Gordon love Buffy and have mentioned it in random interviews. Yay!
Sonic Youth's one of my Top 5 all time favorite bands. Breaks my heart to see them go the way of all flesh but it's always nice to see a couple of my favorite things converge like this.
I'm geeking over this as well.
Can I get the T-shirt?

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