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February 07 2012

Dancing on the Edge. The Watcher and the Operative in 1930s London!

Tony Head and Chiwetel Ejiofer will be starring in a new series for BBC2, filming now. Called "Dancing on the Edge," it follows the real-life story of a black jazz band in 1930s London.

Also starring Tony's "Merlin" costar Angel Coulby, and Jacqueline Bisset.

Oh man I want to see this!

"But when the group's manager, Wesley, makes too many demands from the hotel they are playing at, he is deported and the musicians are forced to continue without him." Sounds like another Wesley we know.

Also excited to see Mathew Goode--what a great cast!
Oooh, sounds great!
Thanks, Caroline. I tried to find another article/better pictures last night, but didn't have much luck. So unfortunate he's making that derpy sneer face in the one shot.

Also, is it me, or does the Daily Mail lack a decent editor? Several times I've read articles where whole sentences are out of whack, or even missing entirely, and the captions below their pictures are often...confused.

Oh well. Better than nothing, I suppose.

(On the sidebar of that article, at least last night, was a link to a short article about SMG on the late show w/Eli Manning. I didn't link to it because it's just talking about her wardrobe, but there's some nice pictures of her.)
Wow. Everyone looks smashing. Kudos to the costume designer!
I'm just hoping that somebody will eventually realise that Tony would be an ideal casting choice for a guest role on Being Human (UK version)! Maybe even playing a vampire, or better yet, a vampire hunter! Somebody needs to make that happen!
Sorry all, might have got some more pics yesterday - of ASH, at least - if I hadn't managed to leave my phone at home on the one day the shoot was camped out on my workplace's doorstep. Aaargh!

On the other hand, I would probably have been incapable of operating basic photographic equipment anyway, given my state of my mind, which was roughly: OOOOhhh... Is that...? Is that who I think it is?? I'm sure it is... OOOOhhh ... [Hyperventilate and repeat ad nauseum.]

Live in London, film crews quite often base themselves around my office block, seen plenty of celebs, but never been so starstruck and speechless. Would it be tacky to go to work in some sort of 'Rupert Giles 4 Ever' t-shirt for the next few weeks, in the hope that filming resumes in my neck of the woods and I get another chance to show my adoration for the great Watcher? (Judging by my performance yesterday, I think the chances of my expressing my admiration in actual spoken words would be slim-to-none...)
This sounds great! Hope we in the U.S. get it on BBC America or PBS. Can't wait to hear Chiwetel Ejiofor sing again! And hope ASH gets to sing also, though from the article, that's unclear.

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