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February 07 2012

The 25 Hottest Women On Horror TV Shows. Gellar in #19 and Dushku in #9, the sexiest Vampire Slayers ever placed alongside names such as Deborah Ann Woll and Madchen Amick.

I know tastes are different, so it's hard to comment on lists like these, but I can't say I agree with most choices. SMG will always be my number one, but I'm happy to see Deborah Ann Woll so high on the list.
Who can put phenomenal beauty in order and be serious? It is a pleasing list, and a reminder of just how ridiculous "True Blood" is. My only initial complaint was "oh man, they picked the wrong Ruby" (Supernatural)... but it made sense once Katie Cassidy appeared elsewhere.
Do people really argue that Kristy Swanson is a better Buffy? (Never mind that the writer seems to have merged her & Bella Swan...) News to me.
SMG will always be my number one

Me too! She's stunning. And even after 9 years, she looks almost exactly the same now, on Ringer, as she did during Season 7 of Buffy.
This list perplexes me, especially the number 1 choice, but to each their own.

Sidenote: my last post was in 2006?! This account be dusty
Now that is how you do one of these lists! All the results on one page and presented as an easy to view slideshow! Take note, Empire Online!

Where to begin on the actual list though! With the Whedon ladies, I suppose? Whilst I certainly would place Eliza slightly further up than Sarah, the gap wouldn't be anywhere near as large and both would be well within the top ten! As for the rest...

Lauren Cohan! Great choice but she was a hell of a lot sexier as Bela in Supernatural or as Rose in The Vampire Diaries!

Genevieve Padalecki! Another fantastic choice! I do think that Katie Cassidy should also have been listed as Ruby though! No reason why the two actresses couldn't be credited for playing the same role!

Love Alona Tal! Such a loss to Supernatural when they chose to kill her off, although she hadn't been seen all that much for quite a long time before that anyway!

Anna Paquin! It took me a while to get what the True Blood vampires were seeing in Sookie Stackhouse but in recent years Anna has really blossomed into a beautiful young woman! Now I get it!

Deborah Ann Woll! Not much to say here other than she's one position too low! Just incredibly gorgeous!

Finally, Jaime Murray as Lila? Really? I mean, even if we stretch the horror label enough to include Dexter in the first place, that would still only mean that Julie Benz's Rita was an option! And she should have been listed as Darla anyway! Strange choice, that one!

Oh yeah, and FINALLY finally, where was Nina Dobrev? How can you possibly have a list of the Hottest Women in Horror and not have Nina Dobrev on there somewhere? Just wrong!
I suppose having SMG and Eliza on the list makes it fairly valid, but in my opinion, they both should have been higher. My opinion, granted, is biased.
Nice list, but I agree with most of the people here that SMG and Elize Dushku being higher. I probably woulda put Dushku in number one. and Charisma Carpenter and Julie benz would have been on there to. and for non Joss Whedon horror, Milla Jovovich (resident Evil) and Kate Beckinsale (Underworld). If where stretching to include Dexter, then why not Bridget Reagan (Legend of the Seeker, hated the show, but she was hot)
Sherilynn Fenn should be number one. Way hotter than Madchen in Twin Pinks.
Bridget Regan yes! Besides being beautiful, she was much much cooler fighting with her tiny knives in Legend of the Seeker than the Seeker himself, with his supposedly awesome Sword of Truth.
"Hotness" is, of course, quite relative, but I too would have liked to have seen more representatives from BtVS & Angel.

I also would have appreciated it if they included Joanna Going from the 1991 version of Dark Shadows. She was quite striking, but ime that short-lived show is often forgotten.
All of these women are attractive on some level, but I'd consider less than half of them to be "hot," as I feel hotness requires some level of sexual heat (and really intense eyes), which is why Summer Glau despite her beauty would never count. (River Tam is, like, anti-sexual.) Doura looks like she qualifies (never saw the show/episode), Dushku definitely qualifies, but Breckenridge and Woll would definitely be my top 2. Amick looks gorgeous, but I don't feel I can judge just from the picture. Murray is definitely hot, but I don't quite consider Dexter to be a "horror" show.
Argue all you want about how Kristy Swan was the supreme, O.G. Buffy Summers...

Wow, they really kicked the hornets nest with that one. Next the writer will take on all those people who argue that George W. Bush was a better president than Abraham Lincoln.

Seriously writers, if you don't know anything about a topic don't try and fake it - you end up sounding like an idiot.
I'm with Five Horizons on this one.

I think Laura Cohen was hotter on Supernatural as Bela Talbot than Walking Dead, but they already do have plenty of Supernatural characters, so I guess that's okay.

And no Nina Dobrev?! Seriously?!
witchlover: And all those Letters to the Editor complaining about the high price of haircuts. Attacking a cause that's so minor it is in constant danger of dying from its own body heat has always struck me as a junior-high school way of pretending to be courageous.

I'm reminded of the Buffy magazines Top Ten Hottest woemn and men psoters. In describing the real-life status of the actresses, they were totally honest about "Married" for SMG, Aly, Stefanie, Amy, and, true at the time, Julie and Charisma. But most of the single women, Amber, Emma, and Michelle, were all described not as "Single" but "Secret," while Eliza was "Single (down, boys.)" Fact is, these lists are games so we might as well treat them like that.

Full disclosure; for me, the distance beteween Eliza and SMG is pretty lenghty too, and just in the Buffyverse, and I'm very aware how unimportant that is.

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