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February 09 2012

New February Sweeps Promotional Photo For Ringer. Another beautiful promotional photo for Ringer, with Sarah Michelle Gellar as beautiful as ever.

(Side note - first post! *squee*)

Does anyone know how well the show has been doing in the ratings?
Ringer last ratings were 0.5 in 18-49 adult demo and 1.15 million viewers, which is low, even if the channel registered a collapse of the ratings this season.

I must say that the 8 week hiatus (not counting reruns) did no good to such a serialized show (it returned to a 0.6 rating two weeks ago).

All in all it doesn't bode well for a renewall.
Meh. Too tacky and fake for my taste. I much prefer this one:
(First comment here-how do I make links click-able?)

I really hope Ringer's ratings will recover next week. It's gotten really really good lately.
Ooo Jaden that one is really nice.

I hope the ratings go back up too, it's really picking up steam. CW really shouldn't have pushed back it's return like it did.
Thanks chrisdvanne!

Helping out a fellow Whedonesquer on your maiden post? Awesome! Welcome to The Black!
I hope the ratings go back up, too. Itís sooooo good to have our girl back on the small screen!
I'm thinking Ringer has a 60% chance of renewal right now. The only CW shows that are definitely coming back are The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and The Secret Circle. The fate of the rest depends largely on how many pilots The CW has lined up. Ringer has a certain amount of star power with Sarah's name attached though, so I'm hoping that is going to be enough to keep its head above water come the time shows are being axed.
I'm enjoying Ringer but I could do without the Juliet storyline. Every time she comes on screen I want to change the channel. Love the rest of the plot twists though.
(Woo, my 1st post as well!)
@ alexreager

I would have preferred to announce good news though :)
I'm a big fan of SMG since Buffy.

Btw i like this promo poster for Ringer; it's very similar to the first one they released, with the double sided mirror effect.
I wish the show was as good as the posters. The promos always look so slick and stylish, but the series itself could afford to get more interesting. Playing twin criminal protagonists should be awesome, but "Ringer" has yet to give SMG material worthy of her talent, IMO.
Not entirely relevant to this post but is Supernatural greenlit for season 8? Just asking.
I feel like this show is a waste of SMG's talent, honestly. The acting is ok, but the writing is generally pretty bad. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets canceled.
Officially no, strangeaction, but based on the ratings and the fact that Jensen and Jared are both talking about season eight as if it's a done deal, I think it's safe to say it's coming back.
strangeaction - my understanding is that the network was hinting at it, but no order has come in yet.
Gossip Girl and Nikita were also told to be writing towards a season finale. I have no idea about Ringer.
Hold the effing phone, Five Horizons, Supernatural is definitely coming back for S.8?? We try to remain spoiler free on SPN at Buffyfest, so this is the first i'm hearing of that. Is it official??

Back on topic: this photo is photoshopped to oblivion! She's obviously gorgeous, but holy fakeness.

edited to add: oh, maybe I should've read the rest of the thread first. Sorry, the excitement took over my typing fingers.

[ edited by buffyfest on 2012-02-09 23:31 ]
Again, nothing official as such, buffyfest, so don't get your hopes up too much. Both Jensen and Jared have recently spoken about where they want their characters to go next season, which suggests that they are happy to return if asked. The show is pulling really good numbers for The CW in its Friday slot, so the netlet will no doubt want to see it continue. Put the two together and it would seem like an eighth season is all but certain.

Just wish that I could be so confident about Fringe!
I am interested to see what happens with this show. I am expecting it to be canceled but I have a feeling that it will see another season for some reason. I think that the network really wants it to work and they will play around with it on a different night and rework it a bit.

I think the problem was the switch from CBS to The CW. They re-shot some of the pilot for the change I believe and you can see the tone of the show change in different scenes. I think what was supposed to be a film noir type of tone got changed to appeal to the younger "hip" audience. I hope that with Misha Collins as a guest star it will give the ratings a boost. I have a feeling if it does they will make Misha a regular, I know he has quite the fanbase.
Sorry, Ringer. You can put the word in your promo photos, but you'll never be as good as... REVENGE.
Heh... it reminds me of Illyria and Fred! =P
Guys, it's just a promo for "Ringer", lets not read (or create) any more than that.

Must say though, Sarah is absolutely stunning.

I'll be in my bunk. :)
B!x, you're so right. Revenge is an amazing piece of television. I do wonder, however, how on earth it's going to be stretched out past the summer in the Hamptons. Ringer still has me hooked though mostly because I want to know what Bridget did to Siobahn to make her want revenge. I feel like it has a decent shot at a second season to settle in. if it was still pulling 0.7's I would be a whole lot more confident though.

Also, how has no one here pointed out how shocking a photoshop was done on the dress on Siobahn? Makes you wonder how much else was photoshopped so heavily.
Ivalaine, definitely. Sarah is beautiful but whenever I look at the picture, all I can see is the photoshopping. Bleukh.

I do hope Ringer's ratings will go up again, but I have this gnawing feeling we won't see it renewed, sadly :( I love having Sarah back on TV, and I really want to see how the story develops.
I prefer this promo pic for an upcoming episode.
I love the poster, but like Jaden's link better :)

About a season 2, I don't know... I really like the story (or what we know of it) so far, but I can't really think of a plot line to carry a second season (not even talking about ratings).

I do hope they don't try to lift the "you don't know Siobhan lives" plot over to a second season!
This is probably a good time to mention the How To page for things like making links, quoting and spoilertext.
The poster is a bit too fakey, but I just really love the color contrast going on. Probably part of why it's so photoshoppy.

I think I like Simon's link the best, because, well Misha. Though the way Andrew is looking at Bridgette in Jaden's link is so wonderful.

b!x & Ivalaine - Revenge is so insanely beautifully addictive. I just hate all the breaks between it. After next week's Fire&Ice episode (I'm so excited, I thought this wouldn't happen till the finale!), the next week it's off for a 20/20 special! STOP MAKING US WAIT!! ADDICTS NEED THEIR FIX!! I don't know how I'm going to handle the summer.

Five Horizons - Points for you. Anyone who uses the "All but ____" phrase makes my heart soar.
Really, DreamRose311? I'd imagine I must have used that phrase a thousand times before and never really given it much thought. It's usually when I use the word 'whilst' that people mention it. It's a good word that doesn't get used nearly enough these days. But regardless, always glad to make a lady's heart soar! ;)
Whilst is definitely good. The 'All But' thing has mostly stemmed from the countless times I hear it used wrong.

You seem to be having all the good posts lately ;op (Re: The Boycott thread)
Well, y'know! Always helps to make a good first impression! :D

And that's really nice of you to say! Thanks!
I am a fan of Ringer, but I have to say, the mid-season break did absolutely no good. Even for me, my interest was lost.

Also, I think having the first half of the season hardly even focus on Siobhan did no good as well. While I expect Bridget to get more screen time, Siobhan should have had way more than she did during the first half.

And while I don't agree that the show needs humor - as it's not a comedy - it does need better writing.

Like I said, I'm a fan, because I see potential. But at this point, it's just slightly better than the Melrose Place revival. (Luckily Ringer doesn't have the problem of ignoring established continuity from the 90s).

If it gets renewed, I'll have to go into it the same way I went into watching Dollhouse...just assuming it's the end.
I like the Jaden link as well. Sarah gets to wear the most beautiful clothes...and men.
This is probably a good time to mention the How To page for things like making links, quoting and spoilertext.

Thx! Now, how do I edit my comment? Is that even possible here?
Jaden, you should see an [edit] link next to your posts and then your post will say when you edited it. Hope that helps!

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