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February 09 2012

SXSWorld enters The Cabin in the Woods. With the film opening SXSW Film this year, the magazine takes a look-see, including some stuff on the process of actually writing it that I don't believe we've heard before, and a look at its days at MGM.

Like most people, the article gets the original release date wrong. It was October 23, 2009, not February 5, 2010. (Hence one of the joke posters we did last year.)

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I get an article about sports writers when I click through the link - I take it that it's not buried in said article? I'm on my phone, maybe that makes a difference?

ETA - nvm I was able to scroll through the pages to the actual article, it was only a couple back.

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Weird. It should be a link directly to the article. I'll fiddle with the interface.

ETA: Definitely links directly for me. For anyone else for whom it doesn't, it's pages 28-29.

ETA: On my iOS devices it lands two pages early. Very weird.

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Bix - yes, I was on my iPhone. Weird! Thanks for checking too. :)
Link hooked up well for me as well.

Regardless, excellent post, b!X. Very good read, thank you!
I know so many who have read the script and keep talking about it. I leave the room, I will not be spoiled!
It sounds like one of the best things to come out of the film actually being released is that it will give Drew a sense of completion. I know, personally, how hard it is to keep moving forward creatively with new projects when an unfinished project still has it's roots in you. (If a film stays in a vault and no one sees it, does it make a story?)
You're right in a somewhat around of way. Joss and Drew really had their mind set in this story from the get-go, there was no question there. I believe the problems arose from the financial problems of MGM which caused this (along with others) to be placed in limbo. As you say, this has doomed many creators from seeing their creations come to heart.

Those lucky few that can hang in there, yes, the sigh of relief to see their story finally reach the end road. Must be quite a sense of satisfaction and a flow of tears.
So glad it is getting released at last and *not* in 3D.
Considering Drew's record with genre stuff so far and the great geek buzz this is getting, I'm already looking forward to seeing what he does next.
DVD extras request: MGM's original apparently bad trailers.
Joss has made the movie in 2D? You mean we are going to have to just imagine the existence of depth on the screen for ourselves? How very 2011! That Whedon and his crazy retro ideas!

And yeah, wouldn't mind seeing those original trailers myself. They might be good for a chuckle if nothing else!
I can't get it on my computer. Is there a different link, transcript, anything?

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