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February 09 2012

(SPOILER) Clip of Amy Acker on Grimm. Amy guests on this weeks Grimm, airing tomorrow (Friday) night at 9PM EST in the US. See also this TV guide interview with Amy as well as an earlier TV Guide link about this ep.

Of goodness of cookies, I just can't get enough of Amy!
I've tried REALLY hard to like this show but it hasn't happened. It's not terrible by any standard but I just can't bring myself to care about watching it. Could just be that it's had the dubious fortune of starting during a tv season that had so much really good stuff on offer. Grimm is definitely no Once Upon A Time, Homeland or Person of Interest. Nice that NBC has managed to find at least one minor success story this year though. They needed it!
Speaking of Once Upon a Time, here's her TVLine interview talking about her roles on both Grimm and OUAT: Amy Acker TVLine interview.
Yay Amy. I'm really looking forward to watching this episode and I actually enjoy Grimm more than Once Upon A Time.
Five Horizons - I like your taste. I too have tried to care about this show, it should be right up my alley, but alas, barring some super awesome plot happenings, tonight shall be my last. Only for Amy.
Anybody else catch Mike Massa (stunt co-ordinator/David Boreanaz's stunt double on "Angel") in the episode? He played Amy''s second victim.

Would have been a nice reunion for them, although as an interesting side-note and piece of trivia, Massa performed a minor stunt set on the second last episode of "Alias", in which Amy Acker's character shot and killed a group of people (if you watch the scene frame-by-frame, you can see Massa in the cross-fire).

So, then I guess she's killed him twice already.
Lots of folks like one but not the other. My hearing problem makes both hard to follow but I do like them. I sort of compare OUaT to BtVS and Grimm to Angel; small-town secrets nobody quite acknowledges versus hiding in plain sight in the city.) Except even if they *were* made by the same studio and showing on the same network, crossovers wouldn't be possible :-).

Seeing her as Fred and Claire, and even on HIMYM, she was almost unrecognizable last night. More zaftig, if I'm allowed to be a macho chauvinist wise-guy for a bit.

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