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January 27 2004

David Schwimmer to direct Alyson Hannigan comedy pilot says the Futon Critic. There's also a disc by disc breakdown of the Angel (R1) season 3 DVD on the same page.

Well that's good news for Alyson I would have thought. It'll get her show some free publicity. Plus it'll give David something to do after the end of Friends.

Oh this worries me... all he's directed are friends episodes, the Joey spinoff & one movie I never heard of... I hope he doesn't try to turn Alyson into a Jennifer Anniston clone. On the other hand, he's got to have some sense of what makes a hit tho, having been on one for 10 years...
I have no link to go with this, so I'll do a small hijack and ask: Whatever happened to Aly's guest spot on That 70's Show? There was all this publicity when it was announced, and now it's just sorta gone away... I saw an episode summary for TSS recently that was about Kelso being in police academy, and I thought "Wasn't this the story Aly was supposed to be in?"

Anyway, great news about David Schwimmer. He's done a lot of theatre directing the last few years; should be fun for all involved.
There's also a Marti note on that page. It talks about her new pilot, and who produces it. (Neal Moritz, who also does Tru Calling.) I know too many facts.
Wren - I used to watch That 70's Show quite often but fell out of watching it. But this week I happened to catch the episode and they showed previews for upcoming episodes and Alyson Hannigan was in one of them so it's got to be soon.
I heard from someone on another board that it was February 18 and 25th-two eps. During sweeps.
Ah! So she did film them! Now I wanna know - where's the press? Where's the hype? FOX PR slacking off once again, obviously. Thanks for the info - will try to remember to watch those.

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