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February 10 2012

UK poster for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Finally. Some actual studio publicity for the movie. It's only two months until it comes out.

That's a certainly a whopping great quote.
Please correct me if I'm wrong on this, but aren't movie trailers before screenings also considered studio advertising?
I ask because I was at a showing for 'The Grey' and I got excited during a trailer seeing Fran Kranz and then realizing it was for Cabin in the Woods.
Trailers have started before two movies in the US, I gather from Twitter.
Is the UK trailer on that page the same as the US one? Or is it not even a real trailer? It won't play here.
b!X, the trailer is identical to the US one.
I'm unable to find a larger image to make out the finer text.
Who gave the two quotes?
I believe it's Time Out and, in fact, Total Film.
Two months away from the release of this movie and if not for Whedonesque (and possibly Blastr) I doubt that I would even know it existed. I've not seen so much as a mention anywhere else. That isn't good!

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