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February 10 2012

(SPOILER) Webcomic about Buffy Season 9 #6. "Gutters", a webcomic about the comic book industry, shows more love for a Joss production.

Not sure why she'd say that about dead gay soldiers. Did I read it wrong?
I did not get that either...
Isn't it a reference to the protests by Hillsboro Baptist?
A reference to Adam?
I'm pretty sure redeem has got it. The Hillsboro Baptist church protest at the funerals of dead US soldiers holding up billboards saying "God Hates Fags." They also call the soldiers "fags" because they fight for a country that enables homosexuality.

Truly horrible people.
This is pretty awesome. A lot of people are commenting on Buffy's 'problem', a lot of these people haven't even read the comic (I hate when they do that), but this one adds something to the discussion.
I read the gutters every day, so I'm glad they finally made fun of something I read with fervor. I agree with embers that this is awesome. Buffy has gone through a ton of 'hot button political issues' and I find it interesting that sudden news groups just wanna jump on the band wagon because it's campaign season.
I really dont understand why this is such a big problem. I dont live in USA, so i dont know how the climate really about this is. I have read issue 6 two times. Its not a defense of abortion, nor a condemnation; i dont feel im being preached one side or the other. Its just a human being making a decision that plenty of human beings make, constantly, on this world. Not even what one believes is important here; its a human being doing what human beings do... in a drama.
Oh Darkness, here in the good old US of A we have people who know how everyone should live, and if we prevent them from being in absolute control of our actions they feel that we are denying them their right to religious freedom. I don't know how you can live where you do, Darkness, without their constant guidance!
Kind of funny, but i did not get the demon-line.
I don't know. To me it wasn't funny at all! Just a little bit forced and obvious, as if they really wanted to do something related to the recent Buffy news but didn't have time to come up with anything actually good. Just kinda fell flat.

The art was nice though...
As long as Buffy's getting new attention that isn't negative, I'm pleased. A lot of people do seem to be jumping in this recent event, and the webcomic, while cute, gives me the impression that the person who made it hasn't actually been reading the series. The inclusion of Willow seems a bit off, and referring to her as a witch, in the magic-less world.
Pretty sure the line was aimed at the Westboro Baptist Church. The Hillsboro Baptist church is pretty much just a church.

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totally agree! im not from the US either, but over here in the UK, countless soap operas and drama's have characters either talk about or get abortions. No idea why the mere mention of the word in this context is getting so much attention tbh. People should atleast wait to judge till the Arc is at least over... and we know what actually happens...
We know what actually happens? Oh...what spoilers did I miss? (genuine question, no sarcasm)

btw, I'd be scratching my head at all the fuss about this too, but I know how much of hot issue abortion is in the US, so I'm not surprised. A bit saddened, maybe.
no i meant people should wait to judge till the arc is over and we know what happens." Meaning we dont know yet.

Kinda poorly worded i know. Sorry. :P

Just gotta wait and see how this pans out anyway, Kudos to Joss though as always for not shying away from tackling these things head on, or censoring himself to avoid controversy.
Thing is, within the world of this , what is it, satire?, parody?, tribute?, Buffy is apparently at least a local celebrity (and still hanging with Willow but let's not detour,) so two of them address signs directly to her.

Also, again within the world as shown, okay, Westboro deserves all the bashing that can be dished at them ("Hananiah, I did not send thee,",) but connecting it to a dispute at a local family-planning clinic (which Westboro doesn't seem to do anyway) seems to muddy the message a bit.
And how would the conceptus already be "dead" simply if a vampire is the father?

Fuelreaver: I agree, anybody who cares about this either way should wait til it's over. I'm neither, of course.

I *know* I'm analyzing too much for four panels (that drove my ex-wife crazy too,) but that's *my* irresisitible impulse.

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