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February 10 2012

The A.V. Club discusses fictional crushes. Three Joss characters make the list.

And all three of them, I'll note, I've had major crushes on at various points in my life.

Maybe I'll get slaughtered for saying this, but I just do not get what the big deal with Kaylee is. Give me Inara any day.
I've had so many fictional crushes it isn't even funny. And yes, several were on Joss' TV shows; Alan, ASH, Nathan, James, David, Alexis, Glenn and by somewhat ephemeral connection to the Whedon Repertory Company, Rutger Hauer. But I'd been crushing on Rutger for a long time before the Buffy movie.

What is so touching about crushes is those characters we love, and by extension, the actors, are forever framed in a certain time and space forever so we can revisit them again and again (if we're lucky enough to have DVDs) to relive those qualities that we found so endearing. It's a good thing we have access to video too, because I recently saw a photo of Rutger Hauer, and whoa (he was in a very bad Sly Stallone movie that is still a favorite of mine, go figure, Nighthawks -- so gorgeous).
Buffy. So very much Buffy. Strong and smart and funny, fighting the good fight, lovely as all get-out, and yet clearly in need of all kinds of emotional support which I would have cheerfully provided.

...and maybe Spike. Wait, was that out loud?
Some of the commenters added a fouth: Sierra (Dichen Lachman).

That is an absolutely lovely picture of Jewel at the top of the article.

I watched Mythbusters for the first time, recently.
I'm thinking that Kari has a lot of that Kaylee appeal going for her.
Oz! All the Oz! I already had a celebrity crush on Seth Green. Then add Oz's character on top of that?
Totally had a fictional crush on Xander back in the day. And I was on my way to having one on Topher till Dollhouse was axed before its time.

These days I'd have to say my major fictional crushes are Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. Especially Jesse...god, does that guy make me cry. I swear that Joss Whedon and Vince Gilligan have created the most awesomely real feeling characters in the history of television, where you feel ridiculously invested in their imaginary fates.
I'm with Tonya; I've got a million of them: Willow, Tara, Sara Sidle, Gillian from Lie to Me, Sophie of In Treatment (not a crush on her, but worry for her safety), etc.
Like Tonya and Dana, I've probably got too many to mention, which may well suggest that I watch too much television...

Anyway, in no particular order, our very own Faith and Cordelia, Kate from Lost, Elena Gilbert (and so obviously also Katherine Pierce) from The Vampire Diaries, Kenzi from Lost Girl, Annie from Being Human (UK), Emma from Once Upon a Time and I'm recently very much enjoying watching the very lovely Rebekah, also from The Vampire Diaries and another Rebecca, albeit with a slightly different spelling, from Alcatraz.

There's no doubt a good few more but they would be the ladies that first spring to mind.
I usually have crushes on people vs. the characters they play, but Oz yeah. I think he's adorable vs. Seth Green in real life. Oh, and Dark!Wes! And Giles...

But my greatest fictional crush of all is from a non-Joss show: Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars. Sigh, I don't even go fo bad boys but I find him so dreamy.
Giles was my first Whedonverse crush. And then there were others.

My first TV crushes...gosh. Baker from CHiPs, Hart from Hart to Hart, Almanzo from Little House, and of course in a how couldn't I love him... Hawkeye Pierce.
Yup, me too. Giles/ASH and Dark!Wes/Alexis Denisof, Mal/Nathan Fillion and Jayne/Adam Baldwin (who I briefly met at a comic con this September-- he's even more magnetic in person!) are my Whedonverse faves. Back in the day I preferred Angel, but now I'm more into Spike, even though you know he'd break your heart in the end...

Some of the non-Whedonverse people who I kinda "crushed" on were Skinner from X-Files (Mitch Pileggi) and Methos from Highlander (Peter Wingfield, who still looks fantastic, though he's retired from acting to become a doctor ::sob::.) As far as current shows go, the only interesting guys I can think of are Jon Bernthal (Shane of Walking Dead, and it's a love/hate thing when Shane does something crazy) and Craig Ferguson, who's got the funny/bad boy thing going on that I find attractive.
Thanks for mentioning X-Files. David Duchovny as Mulder, 4-ever.
There are a ton, but at the top was and will always be Buffy. What a fantastic character.

Kaylee is pretty high up there as well.

Couple others I don't think anyone has mentioned-- Jaye from Wonderfalls, and Chuck (yes, 'tis a lady) from Pushing Daisies.

Oh, and currently April, from Parks and Rec. She's like the opposite of Kaylee, yet I love her all the same. What? I have complex tastes. ;)
Good lord yes, Jaye from Wonderfalls. I would've married her in a heartbeat.
My very first character crush at age 5 maybe? was for some reason on... Racer X in Speed Racer. I was obsessed with him.

There were a couple of others after that I'm sure, but the next really big one was on Jon-Erik Hexum in the tv show, Cover Up. It was definitely not riveting tv in and of itself, but who the hell cared! Man, I was upset when he died.

My first Lady-Crush was either Carol Bouquet's character, Melina Havelock, in For Your Eyes Only or Barbra Streisand's character, Judy Maxwell in What's Up Doc?. (<=Love that scene sooo much.)

All of my later crushes have pretty much been on actors and not characters... with the possible exception of yet another Lady-crush on Lara Croft as portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the first film.
I have a borderline unhealthy crush on Wesley. I am working on it. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?
Buffy. Cordy. Spike.

Non-Whedon: Abby Lockhart (ER), Eric (True Blood), Helo (BSG), Wolf (10th Kingdom), Josh (West Wing) & Logan (Veronica Mars).
Wesley, all the way.
Tara and Harmony, whatever sense that makes.
Spike. Definitely Spike. And it's the character. Although I am grateful to James Marsters for giving him so much life and for being such a sweetheart in person, it's Spike with all his complexities that does it for me.

Always been a one crush at a time woman and in my long life it was Peter Pan(yeah, I started young) Robin, Davy Jones, Jeremy Bolt, an interlude of musicians, and then Spike. None have lasted so long or inspired so much devotion/waste of my time. Internets, you are a gift and a curse!
Agreement with Spike, what with him being such a conflicted bad boy and all. Also I had a crush on Dr. Horrible/Billy for a while; I think he and Spike have a lot in common.
My first tv crush was on some girl who was on the Elephant Show waaay back in the day. I watched that show every chance I got after, hoping she would be back on it but to no avail. So sad...
After her, in no order, Psylocke from X-Men, Scully, Kelly Kapowski, Kelly Taylor, Buffy, Faith, Fred, Veronica Mars, Kaylee, Inara, Sam in Garden State (oh Manic Pixie Girl how I love you), Selene in Underworld, Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill, Summer from both The O.C and from 500 Days of Summer, Sarah from Chuck, and Trillian (in both the Hitchhiker's books and as played by Zooey Deschanel). Honorable mention goes to Summer Glau as I have a super crush on her though not really on any of her characters.

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