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February 10 2012

Ask Joss about The Cabin in the Woods. Bleeding Cool and the DIY Magazine website are taking questions for a video interview with Joss regarding the upcoming film.

I'm thinking the monster is within?
If you check around Twitter, a number of sites seem to be collecting reader questions for this, including one that says its taking questions for Josh Whedon, under the hashtag #askjosh.

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I was so bummed that I missed the Avengers Q&A last week, so I've literally covered all bases on getting my Q's in on this one. Anyone know when abouts the video will get done?
Wrong thread, sorry.

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b!X, do you mean "Josh Weldon"? Heh, wonder if that person ever existed. Seem to went extinct, what, three years ago? Good riddance.

Have I mentioned I'm really looking forward to this movie? Haunted cabin indeed.
Lots of sites taking questions. I retweeted a bunch of them from the @EnterTheCabin account on Twitter.
I think #askjosh is taking questions about the film "House in the Hamptons," a horrifying look at the boredom of suburbia ...
A question for Joss: I've only seen two movies in the cabin-in-the-woods genre, both named Evil Dead. What other titles would you recommend I see to get the most out of The Cabin in the Woods?
I want to know why he and Drew were so intent on reinforcing the negative stereotypes surrounding cabins in woods. Cabins always get bad raps. Just look at the Grimm Brothers. Haven't Cabins had enough problems associated with them? :P
Weirdly, as far as the film itself is concerned, I want to know as little as possible before I see it, behind the scenes stuff included. I watched the trailer when it was first released and that was enough to tell me that this is a movie you would be best going to see with as little information as possible. I'll probably have a good few questions to ask after I've seen it though.

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