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February 10 2012

Buffyverse Vampires and Criminal Liability. Are vampires liable for murder? The Law and the Multiverse blog investigates.

Wonder what the people at Wolfram & Hart would say about that.

Fun read.
M' that like Mmmm, cookies or more like M'Fashnik?

I never really thought of this, but IMO vampires probably don't give a crap if they're murdering or not...and I doubt Sunnydale police would want to be out there rounding the vamps up for fair trials.

But an entertaining article.
Believe it's more like, "M'Fashnik", but opinions vary.

Still, this is a question that hasn't crossed my mind.

1: Is it right to prosecute a creature (souless or otherwise) that is only seeking its substance to exist?

2: What would be the penalty? Locked away in a deep, cold dungeon? Hey, a typical vamp's home.

3: Try to pull a guilt trip looking for remorse? Hello, demon!

4: Threaten something they value...

That's a possibility, yet, you're now becoming a monster in your sense of righteous. A slippery slope indeed.
Hmm, well if you believe that, even if they have no personality before they enter the human body (which was of course never specified,) the animating demon is inherently a non-resident of this dimension, and the body is fundamentally an anchor for them here rather than their essential self, then dusting a vamp is basically (admittedly without trial) deportation rather than execution. (Boy could I have used more adverbs in that argument?)

Hmmm, maybe when vamp demons, having acquired their human-based personality, go back to whatever hell they're native to, they become the Turok-Han? (That would be damnation for Harmony, at least!)
Yes, but wouldn't that be a case of kidnapping?

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My first thought would be that vampires aren't human, anymore than lions and tigers are. A lion would eat us for food but you wouldn't call it murder and you couldn't prosecute a lion under human law. With a vampire there may be more of a case to argue malicious intent but at the end of the day they still aren't human and still see us as a source of sustenance and lower on the food chain. Not sure how any human court could get around that without opening up a whole can of legal precedent worms as far as animals rights groups are concerned.

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