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February 11 2012

(SPOILER) Avengers mystery villains revealed ? Major spoilers if true.

It's like they're made of blancmange.
I imagine they'll be fairly unnamed alien invaders in the film. Loki's got all the personality a big bad needs.
I just don't see Skrull when I look at that picture. Other than the slightly large and square chin, could it not just be some random Asgardian troll type creature, created specifically for the movie? Admittedly with slightly more advanced looking weaponry than the average troll might use!

Why go to the bother of explaining the shape-shifting Skrull race to a largely non-comic-fan audience when you are going with Loki as the big bad anyway? A guy that is more likely to have an army of Asgardian creatures than a totally unconnected alien race at his command. Seems a little silly when you could keep the Skrulls for the almost guaranteed sequel's story.
Those figures have too many fingers for what we see in the trailer, FWIW.

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My understanding was that there could be a legal issue around using the Skrulls since the Fantastic 4 are with Fox...or something. Man they made a mess 'o those rights back in the day. Anyway, they could be Skrull-looking without ever being named as such, I suppose. I've read a variety of theories and other alien race names bandied about, I think at the end of the day we can expect an alien army of some sort. Probably not very nice. Many beat to a pulp by the Avengers. etc.
Well, Feige stated flatly that the enemy people in question do exist in the comics, somewhere. So it's not going to just be some sort of unnamed Skrull-like race, I'd think. But he also basically said it's not especially important ("impactful" was his word). So, really, it's just Loki's army.

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For some reason, quite possibly my goldfish-like attention span, I didn't notice earlier on that there were more pictures of the figures below the photo of the box artwork. I have to admit, the figure of the suggested 'commander Skrull' does appear more, erm, Skrully to me, so maybe it will be them after all. Kinda hope not, if only for the reason I stated before. Having Loki and the Skrulls as co-enemies in one movie seems like a wasted storyline for a second movie. Guess we'll see in just a few weeks time.
Well, unless Kevin Feige is outright lying, it's not Skrulls, since he said, "It's not Skrulls."
The guy is clearly an outright liar!

Or, quite possibly not!

Well, in that case I'm back to my 'they're from Asgard' theory. Possibly dark elves or trolls. Why they have gigantic guns that would make Cable jealous, rather than axes or swords, I don't know. It would explain their connection to Loki though.
My theory which will be completely wrong is based entirely on the having of four fingers and three toes.
One thing I learned from following lost is Producers will straight up lie to protect a plot point and I mean who can blame them really?
I prefer the "sons of Muspel" theory (Simonson's Thor run is one of my favorites), but I wouldn't mind seeing b!X's theory too. (Would put comic fans and newbies on the same foot: "Who the heck are they?")
They do look kind of Skrully, but hard to tell when they're pink.

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