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February 11 2012

(SPOILER) Can this artist see into the future? Look at the date it was posted(although it was first posted on the site Oct 29). And notice the season 9 spoiler-ish features of this custom figure. Creepy, huh?

Btw, this forum is now having a award ceremony, showing of their best work from 2011. Take a look and be in awe.

Um, WTF!? Do they know things we don't? That's one scary coincidence.
That CAN'T be a coincidence....??
The artist doesn't seem to know anything back when she posted the first photos.

"A future look at Buffy.
Not many slayers live to see their 31st birthday but Buffy has always been the exception to the rule - but not without cost this time. Since losing her arm and the birth of her child Buffy has become even more alienated from those around her, but as ever, she never neglects her duty, seen here patrolling with her son .... Billy!"


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There are two things that I don't believe in: coincidences and leprechauns.
I actually stumbled upon Sarah's custom figures site sometime last year, but haven't been back since. Her figures just keep getting more and more impressive. She has some really great dioramas in her collection, too. Here's her site in case anyone is interested in checking it out: SMILER CUSTOMS' Buffy figures.

And, that figure you linked? Mind blown.
@Mistress of Peyn

Isn't she awesome? She got good so fast too. I can't imagine what she will be creating this time next year, she's improving so fast.

Btw, have you seen the Buffy & Spike naughtyness on her site? I will own that soon. I'm so giddy.
Wow. She is like Nostrodomiss of Dioramas. Impressive.
My Lord, that's just freaky. How is this coincidence? HOW I ask? Awesome figurine to boot.
Meh, it's not that impressive! She TOTALLY predicted that Buffy was going to lose the wrong arm! ;)
I love all the Slayers together-from the Primitive, to Nikki, to Buffy, and Fray. Through in Faith, and a few others from "Tales" and Potentials, and it would be awesome to the power of 10.
In the first post on page 1 ( you can see that the 'future buffy - baby blues' was also already posted there. This post is dated on september 7, 2011.

Like Buffy said once: "There are two things that I don't believe in: coincidences and leprechauns."

Keep loooking, she's made some from Tales. But she's bad at adding descriptions, so here


Actually, for those challenges, they(usually a mod) first make a post, stating the challlenge, then the artists add info and images of their work below. The person who then started the thread adds the images to that first post, taking them from posts below.
She always does really excellent work. I've been following what she does for some time now.

Looks like idea wise there's nothing new under the sun really.
Wow, this is amazing. I wonder if she can give me any advice about the stock market...
This is awesome!

In the words of The Doctor: Coincidence is just what the universe does for fun.
Skytteflickan88, how could I NOT notice the Buffy and Spike naughtiness figure on her site? I think my eyes popped out of my head when I saw it. Something like O_o. I hope you put some pics up on your site when you receive the figure. I'd like to see it without the blacked out bits (teehee).
@Mistress of Peyn

Will do. But smiler actually sent me a pic already, so e-mail me at and I'll send you a picture.
Sheesh, in my futurefics all I give her is a stiffened left arm and a game right leg. Then again I was shooting for semi-retirement rather than full occupational rehab.

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