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"I'm not allowed to have layers?"
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February 11 2012

Dark Horse's "Women in comics" sale. 50% off Angel & Faith digital comics this weekend.

May want to reword that ;)
What are you talking about? They're clearly having a sale at the brothel, specially aimed at us geeks who don't ever leave our computers long enough to be able to get free tail.


Now I kind of want to remove the 'digital comics' part. More fun that way.

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I'm the age when we stole comic books by hiding them under our jackets and making a quick get-away out of the 7-11.

"Women in comics" is good. Still getting used to this digital thing.
I've become a convert to digital comics. I like the convenience of being able to buy them same-day at night (since my job keeps me away from the comic store during business hours) and I like the semi movie-like feel of the digital comics auto-zooming to each panel. But... I feel guilty that my adoption of digital comics is one small nail in the (inevitable?) coffin of retail comic stores.
@SteveP I don't think so - as with anything digital is only a small portion of sales. People will still want to go out and physically buy the products (books,comics,movies etc) they want, but this is just another way.

People thought the Kindle would be the end of the paper book...I don't think so.
Let's face it, we can talk about the value of paper books as long as we want, but in the end, there will be no trees. So sooner or later, everything will be digital. Well, except for a few ridiculously priced paper editions.

I can see it now; comics and book companies growing their own trees to be able to sell limited paper editions for 100 a book. Our grandchildren's children will laugh at us for wanting them, since all they've ever known are digital books.
I'm really torn on this topic. On the one hand, I've been reading comic books in their true form since around 1985 and I can't really imagine not having them as physical collectables anymore. On the other hand, I'm all for saving paper and cutting down less trees. It's more than possible to find a middle ground though, say eventually publishing the monthly single issues as digital only and then printing trade paperback collections as they do now for those that want them. That would cut paper usage down significantly and everyone gets what they want.

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