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February 12 2012

(SPOILER) Sarah Michelle Gellar invited to guest on American Horror Story. Creator Ryan Murphy wants to write "something glamorous and sexy" for her. Small spoilers for Season 2 of the show.

Now I'm gonna watch 'Fear Itself' :)
Oh yes. I think this show could be a good fit for her.

This is a really big hypothetical though. I don't think he actually has an idea for her, he was just winging it. Besides, Sarah doesn't like to sing, so I think she'd be likely to turn down a guest stint on Glee. I don't think he could just flat out say "no, we don't want her on the show."

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It would be even better if this one episode character could grow into a regular. Sarah Michelle!
Ohh, that would be good. Hardly any season one guest stars only appeared once, so hopefully if they got her for one, they could get her back.
Agree it would be a great fit for her. I hope this does really end up happening, I love seeing Sarah on my TV, the more the better!
I think it's one of the best ideas, ever. I'm so hoping Donal Logue and Michael Raymond James show up in Season 2 with her.
Sounds like a marvelous idea.
Ryan Murphy had some high praise for Joss Whedon and OMWF. He credits Joss with bringing the musical to television. You can see the interviews on the Watch What Happens Live site if you are from the US.
What a GREAT idea! As much as I think that all of Ryan Murphy's shows are the most inconsistent and incoherent popular tv shows of all time, they remain the most entertaining. It's trash tv at its best!

With Ringer struggling with its ratings, Sarah would better start looking for a new gig or at least some guest spots...
Didn't realise that Season 2 would be taking such a different direction. Makes a lot of sense though; I just couldn't think how they would be able to sustain it much beyond one season and the finale felt like a pretty good ending, without much room for more stories that wouldn't become repetitive. There were a couple of threads left open though, so will be interesting to see how they are worked into the second season.

As for SMG joining in, even for a single episode, sounds like a great idea. Could definitely see her fitting in quite nicely.
Season one of American Horror Story was fantastic. I'd love to see SMG on it, even if for just one episode. Let's hope season two is as good!
This is the most brilliant news I've heard all week! Such a perfect fit for both the show and Sarah. Please, Lord, let it happen.
Ditto. I would love to see SMG on 'American Horror Story.' Imagine the chemistry she'd have with Jessica Lange and whoever else they bring back...
Season one was a little hit and miss for me, but I enjoyed it enough to want to check out the second story they have to tell. Add a little Sarah Michelle Gellar into the mix and I'm pretty much sold. Does seem that this is a story about what Ryan Murphy wants rather than what is actually happening right now though. Just have to keep our fingers crossed.

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