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February 12 2012

Recap of the Firefly panel at the Dallas SciFi Expo. Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher and Ron Glass were on the panel. On Sunday, Jewel tweeted this great pic of the four of them. Clips of the panel (plus one of Eliza chatting about Dollhouse at the Expo) can be found here.

There are a bunch of clips via TheHarryGato on YouTube. I started with the one about Alan Tudyk's name.
You should make the clips into a separate post, because they are really great!
Half an hour clip.

Now, how to find time to watch all this?
Thanks for posting this. Such a great group.
Oh, how I wish I'd been there!
Looking so good! Yes, Mel_Anton, how do we find the time? No matter - - we always do, don't we, somehow.
I haven't had time to look at the half-hour clip, but I was laughing so hard I was crying with the clips b!x linked to. What a fun panel!
Re: the twitpic--How did they all de-age from 10 years ago?
*sigh* I totally forgot about this, even though it was just a 30 minute drive away. Grr, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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