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February 14 2012

Sci-Fi Coexist bumper sticker. Saw this on "Set Phasers to LOL" last night, thought it was pretty shiny.

That is shiny!
I saw them on Cafe Press for sale. But I'd prefer to buy from the person who designed it originally, if anyone knows who that is.
Suzie This seems to be the source:

I have no idea what that website is, unfortunately, but it was the one that was linked on Set Phasers.

If you do a search for "Sci-Fi Coexist bumper sticker" you'll find a few different versions. In fact, someone further down in the comments on that site redesigned it with a different...thing for the C.
I have to agree with whoever it was on the Reddit site that said THIS would have made a better 'C'.

That way the awesome Battlestar Galactica is represented, rather than the continually overrated Star Wars. Oh yeah, I said it...
Phasers on stun! Because, I can't talk to you. And, it hurts me.

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