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February 14 2012

Sci-fi and Fantasy's 14 Greatest Romances. SFX includes Zoe and Wash in 9th place and Willow and Tara at third. Buffy and Angel, Willow and Tara and Zoe and Wash feature in Starburst's "10 of the Greatest Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romances" list. Zap2it included 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' as one of their classic Valentine's Day episodes. also list Buffy and Angel in their True (Fictional) Lovers feature. And the L.A. Times Hero Complex has Buffy, Angel and Spike and Zoe and Wash in their "Geek-culture couples we love" article.

We seem to get flooded with Romance lists every year on Valentine's Day so I've added some links to your entry to keep it all together,
Love all the Willow/Tara love! :D
Great list. I am so happy they put Farscape at #1.
I also Love that they hadThe princess bride, Wally and Eve, Jack and Yanto and Ron and Hermione.

Weird that the secons list has none of the same couples, except for Willow/Tara and Zoe/Wash. It also has Buffy/Angel, but that seems weird to me because it disregards Buffy/Spike.
Yep, that Amber Benson sure has... a hell of a set of pipes! :-) Nudge nudge wink wink. Oh, behave myself She really can sing well.
Lots of worthwhile couples omitted. It is nice to see that Starburst at least recognizes that they are only advancing an opinion, as opposed to how SFX attempts to title theirs as a definitive list.
Well SFX readers did write-in their choices for it which indicates some sort of (very) vague democratic legitimacy.

Btw anyone else placing more stock in Facebook fandom polls than the usual "select & click" polls? If you want to influence a FB poll it's a lot more hassle than just refreshing the page and voting again and again and again.
Gotta love Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered! I'm so glad there was a Valentine's Day episode in Season 2, because I feel that season out of any truly focused on relationships (i.e. Buffy/Angel, Spike /Drusilla, Giles/Jenny, Xander/Cordelia, and Willow/Oz).

And, you gotta love a badass vampire love triangle. :D
I'm happy to see John/Aeryn at the top, forget best "sci-fi romance"it is/was one of the best relationships on TV period. It's also nice to see Discworld represented in these sorts of polls Sam and Lady Sybil are great characters.
Adama/Roslin! When wondering what to watch today during my run, I realized there never really was a Buffy and Angel Valentine episode (when they were a couple).
My baby sis was born on this day. And...she's really good.

Another list featuring Zoe/Wash and Buffy/Angel/Spike
Kudos for including Lady Sybil and Sam Vimes, they definitely deserve it!

Still, the ending of Willow/Tara relationship keeps breaking my heart every time I get to re-watch Buffy...
To me, W&T were the best matched couple in (all!) TV history.

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