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February 14 2012

Equality Now kicks off online fundraising drive!! In conjunction with their 20th anniversary event in April, Equality Now has launched a $20K in 2012 fundraising drive on

Funds raised from this campaign will allow EN to take on additional cases for their Adolescent Girls’ Legal Defense Fund (AGLDF). Please take part in the campaign and help us spread to word so that they can reach their goal!

Thank you for your timely and so apropos post, The Hey. I had written the moderators here earlier today to see if they would do a special Equality Now 20th Anniversary post as I received an email from EN regarding it. This is a great post to share the link:

April 19 - Equality Now turns 20.

It's also a very good time to share, in light of all the new members, who may or may not remember Joss' 2007 post regarding his feelings on torture porn and the murder of Du'a Khalil (April 7 is the 5th anniversary of her death): Let's watch a girl get beaten to death, in which he says of his topic link: It brings you to a place of sanity, of people who have never stopped asking the question of what is wrong with this world and have set about trying to change the answer: Equality Now.

ETA: And I do urge anyone who has the funds to do so, to donate to this marvelous organization. I have been a member of EN since Joss wrote that post in 2007.

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I've already got the April event penciled in my calendar.
NYPinTA, you lucky NY folks.

Mods, it looks like this topic will fall off the front page far too soon. Any chance you could link it on the sidebar for awhile so people can find it? Thx.
I agree with Tonya. This is too important to let slide off the front page so quickly.

If we can raise 150-200k for CSTS, and well over 20k for Club Mo, then we can surely help them blast their target out of the water.

Imagine your daughter, sister, mother, friend had been raped or beaten and couldn't afford to take their case to court. You'd want someone like EN there to help them. I would want that for any woman, or man for that matter. This kind of atrocity happens far too regularly in developing countries, and there is no legal aid there, so often cases go unheard, the perpetrators go unpunished, and the victims go unaided. If you can find $5 or more sometime in the next 75 days, it'll be $5 well spent to help a victim.

Please donate, because if it was you, or someone you knew, you'd wish someone had donated for you/them.

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