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January 27 2004

An Experiment Daniel Erenberg's latest opinion piece on

I think this is an interesting article, since any good BTVS fan has a few converts under his/her belt. I have maybe 6 or 7 people I've helped turn into addicts, a couple of whom have sincerely thanked me for introducing them to something that had a profound influence on their lives. Nothing feels better to me than knowing that a show I've reaped so much inspiration from can also help out others.

Fun essay. I love tales of conversion and gnash my teeth at those who are given the chance to love Buffy and spurn it anyway. And yet I secretly enjoy being part of the solidarity of the "we few, we proud few" devotees who see something beyond the silly name and outrageous premise. One could say that the sort of geeky togethery otherness that fans of BtVS share is a metaphor for one of the things Buffy is all about, which is that life can be terribly difficult and one way through it is to derive strength from friends and loved ones who "get" you and stand by you.

I didn't mean that in quite the creepy-fan way it came out.

Anyway, now that Buffy is over, I take particular pleasure in introducing new people to the show. I finally got my sister to watch with first "Hush," then "Once More With Feeling," and she went from sneeringly snide skeptic to raving fan. Being able to talk with new converts like my sister about Buffy episodes makes the show come alive again, as every viewer sees something different, thus enrichening and enlarging the dialogue.
Not really a conversion story, but I was delighted to find out recently my 75 year old uncle's a fan of BtVS. It was great to chat with him about it.
Prolific, that's amazing! I love that. I converted my mother, who's almost 70 and normally scoffs at tv and certainly scoffed at something called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" until she sat down, watched it, and saw the light. Now she owns all the Region 1 DVDs, the only DVDs she owns.
My sister had no interest in watching "Firefly" until I forced her to watch. Afterwards, she was really mad at me for not taping "Our Mrs. Reynolds" due to a crazy VCR.
Through no actions of mine (but rather the early morning FX schedule), my mother-in-law has recently become a BtVS fan. This has not, however, led to further bonding :-)
I've had had, so far, zero luck in converting anyone to anything Whedon related. Despite all the good press, my friends basically just tolerate me when I blather on (most recently about "Firefly").

phlebotinin - I didn't see it as a 'creepy fan' thing. I totally got what you were saying and feel exactly the same way as you do!
Oh, how I've dreamed of living on a planet full of "Buffy" converts. A wonderful world where people will understand what I mean when I insert words like "Xanderesque" into casual conversation. A magical land where everyone goes around whistling "I'll Never Tell" when they're in a good mood. A perfect place, where I could go on and on about my favorite lines, episodes and characters and receive more than a perplexed glare and a "Dude, I only said I saw this one episode on FX a while ago, so what the heck are you going on about, and are going to be like this for the entire bus ride??" as a response.

But, alas, I cannot even get my own family to watch yet. Any suggestions on what I should try starting them out with? I was thinking something fun but also meaningful, maybe from the high school days, that doesn't require too much backstory. How does "Earshot" sound as a lure?
VampiresSuckLOLOLGetIt- As a recent convert who just started watching in June (but have become thoroughly engrossed in it and all things related) I think starting with the earlier ones is wise.

What about "Lie to Me" from season 2? Dru is very scary in the opening, Jenny Calendar is very radiant and charming, and there's a funny classroom scene. Plus, it makes fun of goth vamp wannabes in a very amusing way. And, of course, it introduces a character who features in the first episode season 3 and in season 2 of "Angel".

"Ted" might be good as well, people are familiar with John Ritter, might keep them interested. Or what was that one about nightmares coming true in the first season?
Ah, new converts are so much fun. I finally got a friend of mine hooked last year- not the type you would expect to like Buffy at all, but then she has a hidden intelligence under a bubbly surface, rather like the show. She lives in France now and is apparently spreading the buffy geekery over there. I'm so proud. Its like the'll start slow, but just you wait.
*runs off to start building the temple for my cult*

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