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February 14 2012

Zap2it's 'TV's Most Crushworthy' Poll. Features quite a few Buffyverse representatives, including the Slayer herself.

Link to poll tweeted by Emma Caulfield herself! (Anya is of course up for 'Most Crushworthy Supernatural Creature'.)

Lots of Buffy characters to vote, Yay! Joyce, Cordelia, Buffy/Faith, Angel/Spike, Anya of course.

SMG is also up with the Ringer character
I'd give Anya a bunny as a V-Day present, but later she'd probably get revenge. :)
I'm heartened to see Brian Kinney doing so well. I don't know if there's ever been a more complicated character on TV.
It seemed to me that Scully should be in the law enforcement rather then the Slayer category. but that's just me
Voting for one in all of these is just so hard...

ETA: Also it seems unfair that in the 'Reality' category you can vote for more than one... :o/

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Castiel or Spike *conflicted* vote for them both. ;p As long as one of them wins, I'm peachy.

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