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February 14 2012

MoSF's Ultimate Imaginary Boyfriend of 2012. It must be that poll time of year! Misfits of SciFi have their own romance offering, Ultimate Imaginary Boyfriend of 2012, where we pick the genre characters we'd most like to have a relationship with. There are several Whedon-y characters available.

MoSF's version is also a tournament, but in theirs you pick your favorite 16 characters, and the top 16 vote-getters will move on to the next round where they'll then be seeded against each other. Have fun!

Giles. Pure and simple.
I can't think of a single thing about Giles that would make him less than perfect boyfriend material. I would totally settle down in the English countryside with him.
Especially with that hint of bad boy in Ripper. ;)
We needs must write him in - there was a terrible glitch in their system and he was left off the list. I'm sure it was just an oversight and not an intentional slight.
I picked Spike, but I have a feeling he could be a lot of trouble and the relationship might end with me in tears going "You never remember my birthday, you're a prick towards my friends and you never clean after yourself!"

But he can be so loyal and supportive and hot and funny. It would be a very interesting relationship.

But I have to say, pre-season 4 of Ats, I would have picked Angel. He's such a gentlemen. When he's not killing demon slaves or almost ending the world.


oh, we were suppose to pick 16. nevermind.

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Giles, yes please.

But I suspect I would have the most fun dating Oz.
I think a lot of people missed that part about picking 16, Skytteflickan88.
I mentioned most of those contenders to Tamara yesterday on twitter. I was focusing mostly on current characters on current shows.
There were definitely a lot left off. I added Oz and Wash in my 'Other' selection. Hopefully they'll get enough write-ins to count, because they are definitely my top two.
Yes, I just voted for Wesley and thought I was done. Oops.
"Oz, Buffy the Vampire Center".

Ha! Regardless, he's my pick.
I couldn't even *find* 16 people on this list... guess I'm slacking, because I don't watch a lot of these shows. I added Giles and Jayne Cobb (how in the world could they forget him?)
Spike. He's already my imaginary boyfriend.
Mine also Redeem147. I don't have 16 imaginary boyfriends, can I vote for Spike 16 times? :)
Is it supposed to be "pick 16 from this list" or "pick one from this list, and the top 16 move on to the next round"?

'cause...I don't even know 16 of those people.
Some people obviously do not watch enough TV. :)

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