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February 15 2012

'The Cabin in the Woods' gets a '15' rating for the UK. The movie has a running time of 94m 49s.

Does that mean anyone 15 years or older?
Great news, was worried it was edging on 18, meaning I couldn't see it. Quite short too, but that's always a good sign in these kinds of movies.
I don't think that's short as much as it is standard. A lot of movies that go over that runtime are just too long.
The shortish length could actually mean more screenings during a day. More bums on seats = profit!
Anyone heard yet if it's getting an Australian release?
Brilliant. 12a means it's been dumbed and gored down for the kiddies, which would ruin something like this. 18, these days, would mean torture porn or far too explicit sex, something that would again ruin something like this (or I'd argue, every film).
If a Joss collaboration can get us to care about the characters in 42 minutes(Dr. Horrible) then I'm sure 94 minutes should be fine.

Avengers on the other hand needs to be like 150 minutes long.
Another round of UK critic screenings appears to be this week.
Have to agree, this is a perfect film running time. You can go ten to twenty minutes over with skill, but honestly, if you're two hours over - you're doing something wrong. (Yes, some of my favourite films are loooong, but I still maintain this).
Films should be as long as they need to, no more, no less.

And no, there is no opening date for Spain either, yet.

Just saying. To the wind. Might someone feel my WRATH.
The advantage of pressure to keep the runtime down is that writers are forced to condense their story to what it needs, to keep the filler out. I agree that some amazing movies have been made that were longer, but I often feel that films that are two hours long or over could have been reworked into a shorter and better film.
FWIW, this script was sold on the condition of being greenlit, not vanishing into development hell. If they filmed everything they wrote, the running time is basically all there in the writing.
And that gives me a smile. b!X, any clue on the studio?
So they're saying a 15 year old can handle this movie? Hmm. Then maybe I can go. ;) (I'm a notorious wuss when it comes to scary films.)
I wouldn't recommend it. Joss can be pretty scary.
While it's true that there have been longer movies that could've been condensed, there have also been hour and a half long movies that really should have been longer in order to not feel rushed/crammed in/missing important bits.

Basically I'm saying that I can't just if it's the right run time until after seeing it :o) I can say I wish it was longer, because the more Joss the better, but being Joss and Drew I'm sure they got the run time right :oD
FWIW, the script was 112 pages. Usually, people say "one page is one minute", but here's a look at that and how accurate it is.
Ahh, that's my problem, I read too fast.

Here's the funny part though. I hen peck on the key board. Some God must be getting a gaffle from me!
No Australian company has picked it up yet. It's got Chris in it so they kinda should. And most films are 90 minutes. Hollywood has started to trend to longer big releases when there's not enough plot to justify it (hello Pirates) and that annoys me. Only go over 2 hours if you think I need to know more. Because I usually don't.
I wouldn't mind longer movies if they had an intermission in the middle, as long Hollywood movies did before the 1970s. Cleopatra had an intermission, with music if I recall correctly.
WHEDONesque can be such a perfect time sucker sometimes. Other times, someone puts up a link which leads not to surfing the world, but to a solution.

b!X, thank you for the link! It might not have been intended, but that link was a true gift.I've been working on a character problem for over a month now, and not being a screen writer, I had never seen that blog before. As I meandered through John August's posts, I stumbled upon the perfect thought trigger and I now know what I need to do next with my character. *phew* Clickage brings such a sense of relief...
95min is pretty short for a movie. Normally I would be concerned about such a short movie (most good movies are around two hours plus). But seeing Joss is use to writing for TV and this would be about the equivalent of a double episode, I'm not.
No, that's about normal. Don't ask me again, I won't answer.
BTW, I'm wrong. The script is 105 pages not 112. So 105 pages into a 95 minute movie, the entire script is probably there.

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(Oops, posted in the wrong thread.)

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Yeah, in my experience, movies are usually about 90-120 minutes long, with comedies usually shorter and dramatic movies longer. So 95 minutes is well within normal parameters for a movie.

Can I just add that little things like this coming out excites me? It's proof that it's moving inexorably toward actually coming out. Also, I'm a weenie when it comes to horror, so a 15 rating sounds fine to me.

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