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"If you're done molesting the furniture, can we get these guys?"
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February 15 2012

Felicia Day visits Clockwork Couture. Felicia Day stopped by Clockwork Couture, so they dressed her up and took her picture.

Awwww....she's adorable!
I don't recognize her.
She looks lovely. Cute bustle, and as I always think whenever I see her, I would kill for her hair. :)

Clockwork Couture gets some cool ladies to show off the pretties. They have Emma Caulfield modeling one look which totally sold me on the corset she's wearing... when I have money for it.
Clockwork Couture provided the steampunk costumes for S5 of The Guild. Donna, the owner, requested that her official credit be "wardrobe bustle fluffer"

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