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February 15 2012

Joss Whedon's 'In Your Eyes' lands leads. Deadline reveals that Michael Stahl-David and Zoe Kazan have signed on to star in the movie.

Weird there's no mention of Abigail Spencer.
Still think it's hilarious that Deadline has yet to figure out that Joss' producing partner is his wife.
As Variety once told us, Jewel is his wife. I love you, Variety.
I got reminded of The Lake House after reading the new plot info.
The plot info kinda reminds me of Tim Minear's X Files ep. Very much intrigued by this film and looking forward to seeing it.
Why is it called Bellwether? Anyone know?

Sounds like a really interesting premise!
It seems really weird to me that they described the characters physically. They were just cast--we know what they look like!
Sounds intriguing - I like the premise. Not sure why it reminds me of Happy Accidents but it does.
Jobo - that info may have come from casting sides that the writer decided to pad the article out with.
So much Jossiness these days. I remember the Lean Years for news.

Yeah, Variety also told us in 2009 that Joss was well-positioned for a Golden Globe win for his role in 3:10 to Yuma, which must've been a Nice Surprize for Joss. ; ]

Also, bellwether, from the wiktionary:

1. The leading sheep of a flock, having a bell hung round its neck.
2. Anything that indicates future trends.
3. A stock or bond that is widely believed to be an indicator of the overall mark

Kinda perfect.
So Joss obviously wants his micro-studio to be game-changer? Excellent. (It also happens to be the name of a novel by Connie Willis which I'm rather fond of.)

Yes! Finally a plot summary of sorts. And it also kind of reminds me of that X-Files episode by Tim Minear, though with slightly less murder. Hopefully.
I'm not really familiar with either actor's work, but I trust Joss and Team that they will do well.
QG, get your facts straight, the Globe was suggested for his role in the TV series, "V", they were just referencing his previous work in "3:10 To Yuma" :P
haha I never saw that 3:10 to Yuma thing before. Has anyone ever seen Alan Tudyk and Joss Whedon in the same place at the same time?

Lots and lots of times you say? Ok.
Wow, bobw1o, you're so right. Not being fully 3:10 to Yuma or V-hip, I assumed the fed partner Dale role was in the former and not the latter.

So it's two acting roles they're talking about. That is an even-more-fanciful Imaginary Acting Résumé for Joss than I'd thought.

Joss obviously has a Secret Life. Or a clone. At Goners, we always claim that he has an Evil Twin named Ross, on whom we blame the world's troubles. It's the Dark Side of fandom. ; ]
I really like Michael Stahl-David (Cloverfield is one of my favorite movies and I would watch My Generation, it was a promising show) so I am happy with the descision. It's going to be exciting to see what this movie will be like.
I remember Stahl-David from "The Black Donnellys." Loved that show.
Wow, I love that article QuoterGal. I think Variety may want to hire me as a fact checker. I don't know anything, but I want the work.
Liked the casting, for some reason the plot reminds me of some Korean writer-director Kim Ki-Duk's movies. Funnily Kim, is also known to produce amazing movies in a very short time.
Neat. Looks like with Bellwether we'll get to see some of what's on those twelve+ clipboards. And apparently it's gonna be a real treat. He really likes all kinds of stories, doesn't he? :)
I'm still waiting who she hung a bell from whom's neck.
He *didn't* win a Golden Globe for his work in 3:10 to Yuma?! He was robbed.

Interesting idea. Color me intrigued.
Nice to have an update. Are the Lean Years really over?

I loved The Black Donnellys too! A shame. I don't particularly remember Stahl-David in it, though. I really only remember Olivia Wilde.
Wilde was pretty hard to miss! :) Love her. He was one of the brothers.
A punning linguist might note that in Whedony works, a belle tends to weather quite a lot.
I thought for a sec that Zoe was that girl from Caprica. But no. Never seen her before.

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