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February 15 2012

Starburst magazine interviews one of the visual FX supervisors for The Avengers. He's seen a rough cut of the movie and thinks it's pretty good. "My biggest problem with every single superhero movie is I don't think the payoff ever matches the build up. This one definitely does." There aren't really any spoilers here.

Thanks for that--every bit of pub on this just makes my spine tingle. Can't wait!
Very cool, but...

You meant "aren't really any spoilers here". Sorry, I know Grammar Police are annoying!
Being from the midwestern US I prefer people use the more proper "ain't."
I like that despite the fact that he's not a big fan of the genre, he really liked it -- that counts for a lot in my book. And he's right about the third acts of most superhero movies: the final battle is usually lots of noise and explosion, and is the least interesting part of the movie. I'm just getting more excited here!
I thought I typed that Chris Oz. What did I type? lol. Did I say aint? I dunno. That was a few hours ago.
"Thinks it is pretty good" sounds a little like damning with faint praise (or am I too sensitive?).
Not really, embers, in my opinion; sounds about what people usually not really too close to the material say when they like something; its not an enthusiastic praise, but personally it makes me feel better than "Awesome, incredible, best film ever!" wich might be honest, but sounds a lot like pure promotion most of the time.

Anyway, there is plenty of people who dont get Josses sense of humor and plenty too who think his directing is pedestrian, so i would try and be prepared for a lot of bricks on our house.

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I think the "pretty good" characterization definitely understates the endorsement expressed in the article. I was steeled to read something lukewarm, but he seems to think Joss knocked it out of the park, even though he's not a fan of the genre. He said it was the best superhero movie he's worked on, and he worked on some pretty damn good ones (e.g., Xmen).

ETA - apologies for the double post.

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Embers, I've observed generally, that people who take a critical view of what they do, rarely will praise something they've done, made, or been involved with, with anything higher than "yeah, that turned out pretty well". Sometimes it's "not bad". Because you always think you could've done it better. Even if you really can't figure out how. So, "pretty good", is high praise.
Heh. The "thinks its pretty good" was all my interpretation of the interview. I didn't want to type "thinks its the most awesome epic film of all time" or something overhyped like that.
Embers, For what it's worth, my friend's husband is on the team doing CGI FX for the movie and she tells me that he also says it's good. Sadly, I don't get much more detail than that, other than the fact that they're all working around the clock to get it done and my friend is really looking forward to a time when her husband gets home before 10 at night!

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