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February 16 2012

Limited Australian cinemas to show 'Company'. Australia will finally get a chance to see the filmed production of Company starring NPH and YoSafBrig!

Very limited season. Two days only I believe.

I saw it here and enjoyed it very much.
I'm still angry I missed this when I played here. I hope it shows again, or gets a nice DVD release. Colbert, NPH, Hendricks, and LuPone? Not a bad line-up.
They've not listed which cinemas.... i will be back from O/S just in time.
Ivalaine - we found the one we're going to by searching

There's only 3 in Victoria so it is really limited. Not sure how many in other states
I was afraid of this. None in SA. I dont think we have Village cinemas. might see if EC will run it!

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