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February 17 2012

Mark Feuerstein joins Joss Whedon's 'In Your Eyes'. The 'Royal Pains' star will play Zoe Kazan's husband in the movie.

This is coming along very nicely.
I like him a lot and I enjoy Royal Pains but I hope this role gives him something to really sink his teeth into. I feel he has so much more to give than what is currently asked of him. That's a compliment in case it sounded otherwise.
Totally agree with you, IrrationaliTV. Royal Pains is a pretty lighthearted, fun show, and I think he's got the acting chops to pull off a lot more. I love that he's been cast in this.
What IrrationalTV and sarahb said. Feuerstein's current role makes Richard Castle look complex.
Agreeing with the MF-love and assessment of his chops, but I'd rather watch him in RP (and Divya and Boris, too) than not have him at all.
Feuerstein was pretty good in his stint on West Wing.
Wow, I'm pretty much of the same mindset as all you guys. I've stopped watching Royal Pains this year, but through no fault of Feuerstein's. I was just watching too much TV and something had to go. I am happy about this news, though, as I am a fan.

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