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February 17 2012

New photo from 'The Avengers'. It features Agent Coulson and Thor aka Clark Gregg and Chris Hemsworth.

Fixed your description for you:

It features Agent Coulson and Thor's Thunderlicious Limbs.

Yep, BrewBunny, that was the first thing (and really only thing) I saw in that picture. Those arms (and the rest of him) are swoon-worthy.
There's two people in that picture?
I continue to love love love the fact that they are withholding all sorts of everything on this. We may actually get some surprises on opening day, unlike with every other movie out there. Keep fighting the spoilers, Joss!
Clark Gregg just keeps growing on me. I'm looking forward to seeing how Joss handles him and I'm hoping he makes it through the movie alive for the SHIELD movie!

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