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"Coming from you, that phrase strikes me as rather funny. Sorry to bother me."
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February 18 2012

Sean Maher finds his Serenity. Sean Maher came 'out' last year, but I hadn't heard that he was the stay at home Dad.

This is a lovely article about one of our BDHs!

What a sweet article. I hope to be a stay at home Dad myself one day, congrats to him!
That's awesome. And it is hard to get back into the swing of things once you've "been out of the world a spell", but his daughter is probably happy for it :)
Aww, good for him! After seeing him as Simon Tam I'm inclined to believe he's more than capable to take care of any child. Even one that can kill people with her brain (perish the thought)...

Anyway, he has made his Firefly role quite memorable and any happy news about him always cheer me up.

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