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February 20 2012

A portrait of the Firefly cast. By comic book artist Katie Cook.

aww! they're so cute and tiny can i keep them in my pocket please?
Katie Cook is awesome.
so simple and yet so much detail. love it! :D
I just love Wash with his dinosaurs and the way Zoe is looking at him. So funny.
Nice, but i don't like the fact that River is portrayed with those creepy eyes and bloody sword.
River or Buffy are not just slayers; fortunately Joss Whedon can give more deepth to his female characters.

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Tiny!Jayne loves Vera! :D
If you go on Katie's deviantart page, you'll see that she has more Firefly drawings along with a couple of Buffy ones as well.
Dr. Horrible too.

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I like it a lot except for Inara's eyes, where she looks either asian (not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just incorrect) or like a giggly school girl, which also isn't exactly her.
I agree with chrisdvanne. I like everyone but River.

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