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February 20 2012

A Buffy trailer inspired by "The Jane Austen Season". A very well made trailer based on the promo made by ITV1 a few years ago. It's very touching, I thought I would share it. Also take a look at this very moving tribute, I shed a tear.

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That was delightful. As one of the comments says, more or less, still the Best. Show. Ever.
Guess that was pretty well done... Heartstrings officially tugged.
I enjoyed both of those videos very much. For those who are interested, the music used for the tribute is a phenomenal song called "Sanvean". It's by Australian artist, Lisa Gerrard, and that particular version can be found on her 1995 album, The Mirror Pool. Fans of The West Wing might recognise it, as it was used at the conclusion of the first episode in Season 5.

It's funny, but watching that tribute reminded me just how rich the arcs of some of those characters were. I'm thinking especially of Cordelia and Wesley, and how far they came. Incredible journeys.
I agree, I've rarely seen such amazing character developments. I think Willow's journey was remarkable as well.

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