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February 21 2012

Vote for the sexiest characters in sci-fi and fantasy. There's numerous Whedonverse characters listed and there's also a write-in option.

Ah, these polls are such a guilty pleasure. But James Gunn?
I was just going to ask the same thing betweentheblinks: who was James Gunn? They don't know Charles Gunn? I'm voting for Han Solo, Fox Mulder, and Wesley Wyndham-Price... because I'm a freak. I wish I could include Wolverine and Jayne Cobb!
Poor Charles :(
No love for Xander?
Willow, Buffy, Faith
Interesting how much larger Spike's image is in the montage then the other images.

Voting Spike, Wesley and my brand new crush, Castiel, yes of that other powerful fandom.

I am so stressed by my love for all these hot, brainy, stubborn, characters. It can be overwhelming when forced to prioritize.
Why is Rory Williams not in that list? This is unacceptable.
First of all, THREE?!

Ahem. Second of all, I've noticed that for me, sexy looks will be negated by the lack of a sense of humor. Maybe in RL pheromone wafting could possibly maybe trump all, but in 2D I've noticed that humor is essential for my switch to be flipped on the deep level that the term "sexiest" seems to demand. Also, intelligence is a must. Ever felt instant attraction to a character and then they open their mouth and all then all interest just dies because they are superficial and boring? It's so sad.

And lastly, THREE?!
Angel, Fox Mulder and Captain Mal for the men; Barbarella, Loana (Raquel Welch - One Million Years BC) and Cameron Phillips (Summer Glau in TSCC) for the women.

One has to remember that Captain Mal Reynolds was voted #1 in the "Top 100 Sci-Fi Icons of the 21st Century" poll last year in the same magazine/website.
What does the internet have against the Ninth Doctor? It's like he's been deleted from the collective memory.
Oh Sunfire, you are so right! I knew something was missing... so now I've voted for Christopher (the 9th Doctor) Eccleston.
I thought the 9th was the hottest too. I always see Rose with #9 not 10. I also agree that Rory should be on the list. He's died, waited a millennium for the love of his life, and looks good as a Roman soldier. I must go write in Rory.

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My inner male: Leela and Princess Aura with a write-in of Cameron Phillips (all for obvious reasons...)

My inner female: Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Malcolm Reynolds with a write-in of John Reese (because nobody can resist Kung Fu Jesus.)
Spike, Ten, and Mal. Angel would be next on the list.
Every female Firefly crew member but Kaylee. How dare they leave her out?! ;)
@ sab39 : It's weird they didn't put Kaylee on her list in first place but there's always the write-in option.

This is how i voted for Cameron Phillips (TSCC), played by Summer Glau :)

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