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February 21 2012

Tim Minear reflects on the first season of American Horror Story. In this recent interview he discusses what attracted him to the FX series and what was involved in breaking each episode.

I totally forgot that Tim Minear was involved in AHS. Another reason for Sarah Michelle to get involved as well! ;-)
Tim never worked with SMG (except for maybe in one of the brief crossover eps).

FAQ: No. Tim did not work on Buffy.

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Ryan Murphy recently invited Sarah to a part in AHS.
Yeah, Jaymii, that was posted here (or a similar article) last week I think. I'm guessing that was what Jaden was referring.

She would be great on the show. No one expresses emotional torture the way Sarah can. :)
I started watching AHS only because of the Minear participation, and got hooked immediately. So much for trying to cut down on TV. Heh.
"[...] doing 13 episode seasons that don't need to sustain themselves is my specialty. "

oh such bittersweet humor ...
I keep watching all of these new shows and being pleasantly surprised to see Whedonverse writers all over them (Jane Espenson working on Once Upon a Time, Tim on AHS)... so glad to see all that talent put to good use!

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