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February 21 2012

Tony Head to present "Buffy: The Greatest Episodes" on Syfy UK. The episodes will air over two days starting March 3rd. According to the press blurb, "Anthony Head will not only reveal the order of the top 20, he will also share his own personal anecdotes and insights on the featured episodes".

Fans were asked to vote for the episodes back in January.

I so hope some kind people will share AH's blurbs.
Whoo hoo! I like this.
Looks like I won't be accomplishing anything productive that weekend.
anca, I would imagine they'll turn up on YouTube. It reminds me of the BBC's Buffy nite which I think aired back in the late 90s.
Yeah, I mentioned that in his birthday thread. Really wish his official site was laid out different, so you could direct link to things like this. Because all they had on his site was a link to SyFy UK's site.

It was kinda unclear whether SyFy here in the States would be doing this, as well.

I hope they let ASH be himself, and not follow some stuffy script that they think will be funny/witty/etc. Folks who are able to watch, would you mind letting those of us who can't afford cable/dish know how it goes? Thanks!

ETA: Here's the schedule, listing which episodes will air:

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Ah! One of the very few times I really wish I had cable.
Bah! I don't have cable. Do you think SyFy will make the this available on Hulu or on their actual website?
What about the season six/seven episodes he missed, should any of those be picked? I imagine the insight will be little more than "I wasn't in this one!"
You're not actually suggesting we might have picked episodes without Giles, are you now daylight? :)

Seriously though, now that I actually have thought about it for more than one second, I have to admit that Conversations with Dead People and Selfless probably are contenders (and deservedly so).
I think it's great that he'll be sharing his personal insights and anecdotes for each episode. I thought that's what Australia's SciFi channel should have done when they had James Marsters host their Buffy marathon last year. Granted, they were showing all 144 episodes and not just a 'Top 20', but I still thought it was a missed opportunity that they didn't have an actor share his personal info/feelings about the episodes before they would begin.

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