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February 21 2012

Watch the pilot for "Awake" early! Executive Produced by Howard Gordon (Buffy, Angel, The Inside), the series premieres on NBC, March 1st but folks with access to Hulu can see the pilot now. Spoiler Alert: It's Amazing! :)

The show was created by Kyle Killen (creator of Lone Star). Also of note, Tim Minear was a consulting producer on the pilot episode, though he isn't credited in the show proper. The show was originally called, "R.E.M."

It's also in a number of other places including, Amazon, and iTunes.
Cool. The trailer looked amazing. Too bad Tim didn't stay involved for long, seems like it might become a great series.
I just saw the pilot: Amazing, as expected. This was the series I was most looking forward to last fall.
Also on Comcast on demand! Started it the other day but then I had to leave...looking forward to finishing it!
Cool! I was not aware Buffy alum are involved in "Awake." I don't Hulu but I am looking forward to this series very much.
Howard Gordon is also one of the co-creators and exec producers of Homeland, which stars Morena Baccarin. And Awake has a really fantastic pilot, so definitely check it out if you haven't already!
For some reason I keep confusing this with A Gifted Man.
Yeah, this pilot truly is great. I haven't anticipated a show this much since, well, Dollhouse, probably. Maybe Terriers, too.
I thought it sounded fascinating, but wasn't blown away by the pilot. It's interesting enough that I'll give it a few more episodes at least, but so far I'm more interested in the premise than in the execution.

And why did he have to be a cop? Didn't we have enough cops on TV already?
Such a beautiful pilot.
It was a pretty good pilot, though I kept wishing his wife was Kristen Bell. I am definitely intrigued, I really enjoyed the dark tone.
Hello to Jason Isaacs.
In my opinion it was pretty good although the premise reminded me a lot of Life on Mars in that it involves a cop that is involved in a car accident and then has issues determining the nature of reality. It could be argued that both can be seen as mofern reinterpretations of Zhuangzi's butterfly dream but the specific commonalities bothered me somewhat.

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