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February 21 2012

Dichen Lachman cast in ABC pilot "Last Resort". TV Line has the scoop.

I like how they call it a "scoop". THR posted it at the exact same time. But more importantly, congrats to Dichen. I'd like to see even more Whedonverse folk get to sink their teeth into Shawn Ryan shows.

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Sounds interesting, but highly implausible.
Unlike, say, Buffy.
I love Dichen, I love the premise, and I loved Terriers, so I guess I love Shawn Ryan too. This sounds clever and crazy and totally different from anything currently on air.

Which probably means that it will (a) never go to series, or (b) air just enough episodes for me to fall in love with it, and then be cancelled.
Why does this plot sound so familiar? Was this mentioned before?

Glad to see Dichen landing a new role; hopefully the character is better than the description makes her sound.
Probably, it's by Shawn Ryan who worked on Angel.
Dichen and Autumn Reeser. I'm in.
Looking forward to it, sounds like just my kind of show. :) The creator, Karl Gajdusek, worked on Dead Like Me which I never watched but I've heard good things about.
Dead Like Me is a gem. But pretend the TV movie doesn't exist. What TV movie? Exactly.
I actually love the premise. I mean, I don't know how the show will turn out, but I love these people who are used to taking their ultimate orders from elsewhere will be making them instead. And making a new society, too.
WOW. What a lot of big issues to play with, both emotional and political...

The part that has me most intrigued is that the submarine crew becomes an invading force. It's not like it was an uninhabited island. I mean, the natives probably already had a government of some sort, and I'll bet they didn't ask the "intelligent and naive bar owner" if she wanted to be a part of an independent nuclear nation. Presumably it would be a military regime.

And then there's the U.S. government, which I cannot see just laying back and accepting treason. I'll bet the whole crew isn't in agreement, so there's that too. They are also going to have to deal with knowing they deserted and rebelled against their country and that they are "forever" cut off from their home ties... The military is very family oriented in both the professional setting and the personal. Oooh...there's also all the other countries that are going to see a relatively easy looking prey ripe for capture...

I hate to say it, but if it gets picked up, it sounds like a cancellation waiting to happen. It's too interesting, timely, and political.
That's great news, congrats to her. I think the premise is extremely interesting and Shawn Ryan is bound to have written a great script, though I wonder how long it can last on network TV. It's shaping up to have a great cast though.

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