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February 22 2012

(SPOILER) Dare you gaze upon the latest photo for 'The Cabin in the Woods'? It features Chris Hemsworth, Fran Kranz and Anna Hutchison.

I dared. Hmm. There's a basement. And um, lanterns.
I accepted the dare because being thoroughly spoilered for this film is the only way I'll manage to sit through it. ;-)

There was dust. Lots of dust. There were some very sturdy looking stairs with heavy stringers built contrary to average contemporary building practices. And someone really needs to hold a garage sale.
Scary basement, that.
Maybe it's just me, but "The Garage Sale in the Woods" just doesn't have the same impact.
It's obvious from Anna's expression that she saw the Avengers pic with Chris and Clark, and was mentally taking off his Hemsworth's jacket to see arms.
This is the second glimpse of the basement (not counting the trailer). Anyone remember the first?

The mystery grows.
@Sparticus: Huh? According to the internet ;-) , a basement is "one or more floors of a building that are either completely or partially below the ground floor", while a cabin is "a small, roughly built house usually with a wood exterior". I don't see the problem with a cabin having a basement.

Besides... how do you know that they are in the "Cabin in the Woods"? They may have taken a pit stop at the "shanty in the coppice" before going to their final destination.
"Shanty in the Coppice" is my all-time favorite Pogues song. I hope that's on the soundtrack.

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