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February 22 2012

The Big Bang Theory cast reimagined as Firefly crew. As depicted by designer Megan Levens.

Clever. I have become seriously addicted to this show, which I never ever expected to happen. I am such a geek.
The couples are all wrong.
I think they put Raj in the brown coat because he looks good in it. But I would have gone with Sheldon as Mal and Raj as Jayne.

Actually Raj as Zoe would have worked even better.

[ edited by Zoic_Fan on 2012-02-23 02:32 ]
Leonard as Mal, Penny as Inara, Sheldon as Jayne, Amy as River, Howard as Wash, Bernadette as Zoe, Raj as Simon, Sheldon's Mother as Kaylee, and Leonard's Mother as Book. :)
Call me when the Community one is done.
Jeff - Mal
Britta - River
Annie - Zoe
Abed - Simon
Troy - Wash
Shirley - Kaylee
Pierce - Jayne
Chang - Book
Dean Pelton - Inara
Nice, Sunfire. You nailed it. :)
Sunfire, I imagined Abed as River. And Shirley as Book. Totally agree about the Dean as Inara though.
So, Moist = Wash?
(Yes, pun intended?)
love it...where is wash's dinosaurs?
Yeah,I like the idea but as mentioned above they artist hasn't actually watched at least one of the shows. The characters don't match up at all, with the possible exception of Leonard as Simon. But then, they all could quality for "doctor that's awkward with the ladies"...

I like EffulGentleman's lineup, though I'd have Sheldon's mother (the fundamentalist Christian) as Book and Bernadette s Kaylee. Not sure who that leaves for Zoe, though--Leslie Winkle?
None of the characters could be a Jayne. Jayne is a whole lotta brawn, and relatively limited brains. These guys are all brains with little or no brawn. The only thing Sheldon has doing for him in the Jayne category is his height.
...none of these guys could really be Mal, either.
Eye roll. I just cannot get into the Big Bang Theory. Mostly it's my hatred of the character Sheldon followed by the fact that I as a nerd find the show to be an affront to my nerdiness.

But Community done as Firefly? Please!
I agree with Zoic_Fan. Raj as Zoe paired with Howard as Wash = perfect couple
Well I would be satisfied if they would just add Sara Gilbert (as Leslie Winkle) as Zoe..., it was annoying have Zoe left out! Of course we do need a Book too... and I'm not sure anyone from Big Bang would fit (though I agree w/Brutus that Sheldon's Mom is not a bad idea!).
Call me when the Community one is done.

I see your Community, and raise you Arrested Development.
Yeah the casting is wrong but TBBT and Firefly are two of my all-time favorite shows so I'll let it slide.
I am still constantly amazed by how many people really seem to like The Big Bang Theory. I don't mean to criticise them, but they seem to see some comedic work of genius while all I see is a generic CBS sitcom with a few nerd references thrown in (get it? They're NERDS!).
Some people like "generic" sitcoms, some people juggle geese. :) I love BBT and very un-generic comedies like Louie. Variety is a good thing.
Now Louie C.K. would make a pretty credible Jayne Cobb!
Aw, man. I so want to see that Community Firefly episode now.

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