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February 22 2012

Trailer for Comic-Con: Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. The movie will be released April 6th. YouTube link courtesy popgoestheshelby.

OMG, another trailer for another Joss Whedon movie? These are the end times. Which is totally coincidental. But at least we'll have good in-flight flicks on the way to kingdom come.

I added the release date, which seems important. And I had not known what it was before! Is that news? Also edited down the chattiness a tad, to keep things more focused.
It's Filmaggeddon! YouTube link for those lacking Quicktime/iTunes
I can't wait til the end of this year so I can watch all FIVE of Joss' films back to back on my blu ray player as I count down to the end of the world.

Also it just occured to me that In Your Eyes is the only Joss movie that doesn't have a direct connection to The Avengers film as far as we know.
That's nice. I saw the coffee table book is already in stores. Didn't know there was a documentary too. Video quality looks good.
Technically the book is a sort of companion to the documentary.
I saw the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival and it is really quite good. Not only is it an interesting look at the event getting all sorts of great and funny anecdotes, they managed to have some decent human drama by following several people who were basically betting their future careers that they would get noticed at SDCC.
Guess what I want for my birthday?! I want the coffee table book and to go see the movie. Best..birthday..ever.

But seriously, this made me get a little misty eyed. I love Comic Con.
I keep forgetting that it hasn't been released yet. Saw it so long ago at TIFF. Really enjoyed it.
I love this. April 6th, April 13th and May 4th all Joss Films releases. If the end of the world is what it takes to make this happen then I'm all for it.
The film looks great, very excited!
That's what I thought, I best get my affairs in order because it must be the end. What a way to go...Whedon style.

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It's the Year of Joss on the Chinese Zodiac. It had to be added in there, because someone miscalculated the rotation of the galaxy in time and space. By the end of the Year of Joss, the world will have been completely transformed.
Looks really neat!
I've got the coffee table book already, can't wait for the doco!

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