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February 23 2012

Showtime's Steve Howey joins 'In Your Eyes'. You'd know him as Kevin Ball on the US version of Shameless.

"romantic-horror film" Can't wait to find out more about this.
And suddenly Abigail Spencer's name reappears.
The plot thickens.
He's great on Shameless.
I'm guessing Steve is Mark's best friend and Abigail is Zoe's best friend. Or maybe even vice versa. Possibly even lovers.
I will always remember him from Reba.
Ooooh, I discovered Shameless just a few weeks ago. Yes, he's great on Shameless, and I'm now all the more intrigued. Fun news!
Love his character on Shameless. Great news!
The IMDB page has now added Michael Yebba.
I really enjoyed him in Ctrl. His facial expression at the very end of the series finale was haunting.
Jennifer Grey (yes, That Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame) tweeted that she's going to NH to film a couple of days for the movie.

Fun fact I just learned: apparently, she is married to Clark Gregg!

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