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February 23 2012

Buffy the 8-Bit Slayer. Can you guess all the characters?

This came out exactly a year ago. So not what you call "hot off the presses" but it's an fantastic fan effort.

Awesome! Gotta love Olaf! And Marcy!! hee
Oh, hell, how did I miss Marcy! :-)
WANT. (take, have?)
Mr. Gordo for the win!
Mr Gordo! of course! my mind immediately went to the pig Andrew tried to sacrifice that time, but he got away.
I thought it was Herbert, the school mascot.
There are a lot of pigs in that show.
Buffy Giles Willow Xander Tara? Joyce Angel Spike
Oz WolfOz MiscelaniousFemale Faith Cordelia Amy DarkWillow Master
Ms.Calendar? ??? Marcie Doublemeat Palace Mr.Gordo ??? Wesley Forrest
??? Kendra Sweet? Warren Jonathan Andrew Drusilla? WilliamtheBloodyORWilkins
Caleb TheAnnointed ??? FirstSlayer Jesse? Larry Wood? D'Hoffryn
Glory Ben Gentemen Sid CrossbowBuffy MissKittyFantastico Harmony Percy
Trick Adam Rack? Buffybot Snyder? Dracula Ethan Whistler
Clem BuffyCheerleader ??? Travers? Olaf Halfrek ??? ???
Cassie Chao-Ahn Molly Rona Kennedy Amanda Vi Stake

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"miscellaneous female" is Anya (she's holding money!)

Giles from Band Candy is after Jenny in the 3rd row!

Riley is after Halfrek, and Principal Flutie is next to Riley.

Where the heck is Dawn? Is she the one with the ax on the bottom?

Also, what's really odd is there seems to be no Mayor.

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Based on Wasabi17's list (And Jordo's additions):
-I think switch Forrest and Wood, and then next to what is now Forrest, on the left I think is Graham instead of Larry.
-I put Dawn in place of Tara? and moved Tara to between Gordo and Wes (mostly since after that is Joyce so it makes sense to have them together)
-Added Twilight at the beginning of row 4, and replaced Sweet with FlayedWarren (I think Sweet would need a suit)

Buffy        Giles                Willow       PatchXan    Dawn         Joyce     Angel       Spike
Oz             WolfOz            Anya           Faith           Cordy       Amy        DarkWill Master
Jenny      Ripper            Marcie       DMPBuffy  Gordo       Tara        Wesley    Wood
Twilight  Kendra           FlayedW   Warren       Jonathan Andrew  Dru         Wilkins
Caleb       Annointed?  Xander        FirstSlay   Jesse?        Graham  Forrest   D'Hoffryn
Glory       Ben                  Gentemen Sid               ProphGirl MsKitty  Harm      Percy
Trick        Adam             Rack?          Buffybot    Snyder       Dracula  Ethan      Whistler
Clem        CheerBuffy   Walsh          Travers      Olaf             Halfrek   Riley        Flutie
Cassie      ChaoAhn      Molly          Rona           Kennedy   Amanda Vi             Mr. Pointy

Side note - html's ignoring of spaces is really annoying

ETA: I think the ??? Before the first slayer is Pre-Eyegouge-Xander
ETA: Mr. Pointy for the stake :oD, nice call ProphecyGrrl
ETA: Walsh, thanks to BreathesStory, and to put Xander where I described him as being. Also to take the '?' off of Dru. Very certain it's her

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Stake= Mr. Pointy? :)
Ohh just noticed the invisible girl could be Marcie or Season 6 Buffy. This person is thorough, that's for sure!
I'm guessing the guy before First Slayer is Willy, the bartender/snitch.

What's amazing to me is that they are so well done that we can actually come pretty close to guessing who they all are.
Wow, DreamRose311! That was amazing. I would never have figured out most of those on my own, but now that I read who you thought they were, I can see it! I think I'm most impressed with Ethan. All I knew was it was a guy with dark hair, but now that you say it's Ethan, I'm like, of course, he has the reseeding hairline and the open button-up shirt!

The only one I disagree with you on is you said it was Xander between CheerleaderBuffy and Quintin Tavers. I think that looks like a blonde woman with her hair in a bun. Since she is beside Quintin, I would say it's Gwendolyn Post. But that's just a guess.
Between Cheerleader Buffy and Quentin Travers I'm guessing it's Professor Walsh in her lab coat.
Thanks, but it's a collaborative effort. Like I said I based it on Wasabi17's and made some changes. A lot of them I had gotten too, but credit for Ethan definitely goes to Wasabi. Whistler too (though the more I stare at him the more I think he's someone else).

Good call on Walsh BreathesStory. My problem was I kept thinking it was a male, and kinda kept wanting it to be Dr Horrible, but with his coat open and no goggles...

Also the Xander thing... In my comment for it I describe the right place, but in the chart put it in the wrong place... gonna go edit that now...
You are welcome DreamRose311. :-)

I still think the one before the First Slayer is Willy the Snitch, though. (Screen cap from "What's My Line part 1" courtesy of Buffy World)
EDIT: I started this post before DreamRose311 edited their list. The only real differences are Marcie and Willy. (Cuz it's not Marcie! It's invisibuffy! Look closely at the outline and you'll see it matches the main buffy pic exactly!)

-I agree about Larry, tho it could easily be him if hair color was changed...
-It would make sense to have forrest next to graham, so i agree with that
-Yeah, that's Willy the Snitch. gotta be
-Dawn/Tara is a harder distinction. I'd have to say dawn is first now that I think of it tho
-Dru Just looks messed up if that is her
-William the Bloody has glasses, so thats Wilkins
-FlayedWarren/Sweet the face looks like sweet to me. the absence of clothes point to warren tho...
-Anya: yeah, can't beleive I missed that
-Twilight-How did i miss this? How?
-Xander/Walsh/Post: I'd go with post. when was xander blonde?
-Marcie. after angelsbuffy4ever's comment about invisible buffy, I took a closer look at the image, and the outline does indeed match the original buffy pic, down to the stake in the hand, although technically that COULD be a flute i guess... But anyway, evidence points towards invisibuffy to me. SO
therefore, an updated COMPLETE list is as follows:



So that makes this a collaborative effort between Wasabi1, Jordo, DreamRose311, ProphecyGirl, AngelsBuffy4Ever, and BreathesStory. We are now worthy.

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Now we need a (considerably smaller) Firefly one! And Angel! And Dollhouse! And Doctor Horrible! And the writers! Whedon himself! MOAR!
Whoa, BeatheStory, I totally missed your first comment about Willy, exxxxxxcelllent call. I knew the shirt looked familiar...

I think the Dru looking messed up thing is because I think she's vamp-faced. That's when I took the '?' off... when that clicked fo r me.

Flutie I can totally see, Riley less so, but I think he's kinda got the camo-vest thing on. Weird though that Graham and Forrest would be on there earlier than him.

Nice call on InvisiBuffy

Man, I wish I had thought of using periods to straighten out the table... way easier than adding a bunch of nonbreakspace characters... My table post was edited way more times than it says >.<

I still have questions about Annointed (pink/purple clothing?!), Jessie (hair is definitely too long, maybe that's Post? Hairs too dark though...), and Rack... I'm pretty sure it is Rack, I think it's just maybe the least well done one.

They're all so awesome though. Adam isn't my favorite big bad by a long shot, but the 8-bit version of him makes me want to keep him in my pocket.

ETF: when I was talking about Jessie and suggested it being Post, I meant to say 'hair is took dark' instead of it saying 'too long' again. Fixed it so I can feel less silly >.<

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ProphecyGirlBuffy! Don't point your Bow & Arrow at Ms Kitty Fantastico!!! Sad thoughts :o(
Nah, Jesse had long hair. I thought it was scott at first actually.
I saw Dru's vamp face. I just think she looks a bit squat because the color of her clothes is so somilar to the background. To me Snyder doesn't look all that good, but who else could it be? Rack, I agree wasn't the most accurate character. Why do you say that the Buffy with a crossbow is prophecy girl Buffy though?

[ edited by wasabi17 on 2012-02-24 23:39 ]
Oh! I totally see it as Jesse now. I pulled up an image of him from the episode and, at first, decided that I was just picturing current day Eric Balfour... but then noticed an image of him after he's turned... In that short window between being human and being turned he had time to get a hair cut?!?! Who does that? I totally imagine the Master now being like "Your hair is too long to be a vampire... Darla, be a dear and fetch me the scissors"

It's amazing how 15 years and several re-watches later you can still pick up on new things...

Re: Prophecy Girl - that's definitely how she looks when she's on her way to confront the master... with the dress and the leather jacket and her hair up...

ETA: Ok, there's an Image of the Anointed One with a purple-ish colored hoodie. I'm satisfied now. High Fives all around!! We are awesome! And Zac Gorman is awesomest

Edited because I forgot to actually make the link the first time around

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Well, I would say he probably got his hair cut for a funeral but...
I see prophecygirlbuffy now.
So, do we win a free poster or something...
But seriously, where can we buy one? I mean, now that I know who everyone is, it's just perect!

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One suggestion for wasabi17's list: swap Holden for Flutie.
Amazing work wasabi17, DreamRose311, Jordo, ProphecyGirl, AngelsBuffy4Ever, and BreathesStory! So many I didn't recognize at first (I didn't even get Anya, one of my favorite characters.)
Teh neat.

And thanks for the work interpreting the ones I didn't get, you guys!
I don't believe it's Wilkins instead of William the Bloody. Wilkins wore gray suits, William was always in brown. Though I am not sure what he's supposed to be holding either way? William didn't always have glasses on, especially in "Lies My Parents Told Me."

I just googled imaged the mayor and he is always wearing a gray suit. Never brown.

I also still think that it is either RJ or Larry as the red jacket guy, not Percy. Percy had dark hair too?

Still have no clue who is Dawn or Tara.

Also it is DEFINITELY Flutie. Pot belly middle aged guy with bags under his eyes and looking all rumpled...Holden was a thin guy with totally different hair.

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