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February 23 2012

'The Cabin in the Woods' is on the cover of Fangoria. Spoilerish if you haven't seen the trailer.

When does that appear in the trailer? Clearly I haven't watched it in too long.
In the current print edition of EW, there's a blurb in support of the movie, something about how very few movies had excited the EW staffers like CitW and they wanted to give it a shout-out even though it's still under the review ban.

also: the cover contains the one shot from the trailer which scared me. eee!
There's also something in Empire but I have no idea what.
Jobo it's around the 2:03 mark. I went to the official site to check but their YouTube trailer is not viewable in the UK *fail*.
Guess I have to buy Fangoria for the first time in about fifteen years.

The Empire 274 bit is a two-page Joss interview in which he talks about Cabin as well as The Avengers (and a little bit about Much Ado) as well as that big two-page Avengers photo.

(edit: buy, not be. I have never been Fangoria. Doy.)

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I loves me some subversion.

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